Wait, Is Blac Chyna Pregnant?

Now that she is part of the Kardashian world, Blac Chyna better start getting used to rumors. For example, X17online.com reported Tuesday that Blac Chyna may be pregnant with her fiancé Rob Kardashian. Say what now? Supposedly, Kim Kardashian escorted Blac and Rob to the OB-GYN office Tuesday morning. X17online.com also reports that Blac is seeing the same doctor Kim used during both of her pregnancies with North and Saint West. So, you know what that means? She's totally pregnant... or not. Bustle has reached out to reps for Rob and Chyna for comment, but has not yet heard back.

Hollywood Life is reporting a similar story and even shared on April 15 that Blac may or may not be sporting a baby bump. Apparently, around that same time, she even visited a club with Rob where she reportedly wasn't drinking, which added to the speculation. If that isn't enough, author Ian Halperin claims in his new book Kardashian Dynasty (via Hollywood Life ), "I can reveal she recently told a close friend that she and Rob are having unprotected sex and hoping to have as many kids as they can. In the words of her confidante, they want to start a 'new generation of Kardashians.'"

Obviously, none of this is solid evidence or proof, so I'd take it with a grain of salt until the words, "We're expecting our first child," come out of Blac or Rob's mouth.

Also, maybe the reason Blac was supposedly visiting an OB-GYN office was for a regular check-up. Who the heck knows, but as People reported Tuesday, the reason behind Kim and Blac hanging out was as way for Rob to bring peace between his sister and his fiancée. Per People, Kim and Blac used to be close, until her sister, Kylie Jenner, started dating Blac's ex-fiancé and father of her child, Tyga.

A source told People, "Everyone knows that Rob will go ahead with the wedding, so his family is now making an effort with Blac Chyna. Kris [Jenner] wants to get to know her as well, since Rob seems happy." Similar to Kim making amends with Blac, Kylie shared a snap with Blac and declared, "When we've been best friends the whole time.."

As for whether or not Blac is really pregnant, Just Jared reported Tuesday that Blac, Rob, and Kim were just grabbing lunch together at Nate'n Al's in Los Angeles.

See? These baby rumors seem pretty suspicious at this point in time, so I wouldn't get too worked up — yet.