Rob Kardashian's Goofy Videos With Kendall & Kylie Jenner Show These Siblings Have No Drama — VIDEOS

Ever since Rob Kardashian began dating Blac Chyna, rumors swirled that the news didn't sit well with the rest of his family. Probably because Chyna has a history of drama with Rob's little sis, Kylie Jenner. Considering Ky's current boyfriend, Tyga, is also the father of Chyna's son, the whole situation is rather complicated. But luckily, it's no longer as bad as it sounds. Over the weekend, Rob spent quality time with Kendall, Kylie, and Caitlyn Jenner. In doing so, they helped show that the drama has been officially swept under the rug. It's also nice, because I haven't heard many updates about Rob and Caitlyn spending a ton of time together lately.

Showing that the tides are changing, last week Kylie and Chyna made fans' jaws drop by taking a selfie together and sharing it on Snapchat. The caption made it seem like they'd been "best friends" all along, but Rob's Instagram set the record straight. He wrote, "So happy my girls finally got to talk and make peace! #MyFamily #AllLove." Key word: Finally. This means it wasn't always such. Considering he once Instagrammed a meme about "dropping his family," fans already knew that things weren't always picture perfect. Plus, it was questionable when Kylie hung out with Rob's ex Adrienne Bailon and referred to her as her "sister." That just seemed like a move meant to get under his skin.

Regardless, it's a relief to see they made amends before ChyRo ties the knot. Their engagement felt rather sudden, so who knows how quickly they'll actually get married.

For anyone who questions whether Rob and his sisters' hangout was forced, the Snapchat evidence speaks for itself. If you ask me, it looks like some genuine sibling bonding at its best.

Riding In An ATV

Kendall appears to be holding on for dear life as Kylie drives. Meanwhile, Rob chuckled and filmed the whole thing. According to People, that is indeed Caitlyn sitting in the front seat.

Eating Snacks

Rob is an embarrassing big brother, as he films Kendall eating yogurt sans pants. She should be free to snack however she wants in her own home, right?

Snapping Selfies

I'm cringing on Kylie's behalf, but it's hard not to LOL when her brother sneakily films her getting her selfie on.

Lounging By The Pool

The ultimate display of sibling love? Flipping Rob off when he catches them by the pool. I'm going to guess the gesture was a joke and all in good fun.

So there you have it, the proof is in the Snapchats. No tension here, no matter what those old rumors said.