'#RichKids of Beverly Hills' Recap: Morgan's Feeling Motherly And Dorothy's Still Being Mean To Roxy

Sunday night's episode of E!'s Rich Kids of Beverly Hills wasn't nearly as explosive as their ill-fated trip to Cabo — but had it's moments nonetheless. Of course, Dorothy was still being unnecessarily bitchy to Roxy because she's STILL not over their fight and well, just the worst. Also still happening — Morgan and Brendan were seriously cute and Brendan got a new car while she dropped hints about filling it with babies. So, all was right in the Rich Kids world — if you consider spending $50,000 on a marble table top "right".

Dorothy's parents officially paid the three million dollars for her fancy apartment and she's all about hiring an interior designer (GOD FORBID she decorate herself, right). Harmlessly, Jonny suggested that she consider hiring Roxy for the job since she needs the money and is building a resumé — of course Dorothy said no and felt the need to insult her by calling her an "intern" when she knew that she wasn't. You're just mean, Dorothy. Again, of course, it got back to Roxy who pulled Dorothy aside at the club to confront her about the "diss" — they cleared things up (again) but obviously they're still not friends because DOROTHY IS THE WORST (I repeat, for the thousandth time).

Meanwhile, Morgan and Brendan shopped for cars and he set himself up with a pretty sweet new Range Rover — which Morgan plans to fill with a stroller and a car seat and drive to Whole Foods. They just celebrated their one-year anniversary and she's itching for babies because she's been "feeling maternal". Brendan's a good sport but for now, only Morgan's adorable dog, Baguette, is riding in the Rover.

Brendan also planned a precious double-date with Dorothy's kind-of-boyfriend where they rented an ice skating rink for the night for 10,000 dollars — awwwww. It was cute, Olympic figure-skater jokes were made and overall Morgan and Brendan were adorable/made you love them a little more while Dorothy was even more deplorable (if that's even possible).

But even an episode that focused heavily on Morgan and Brendan's cute relationship still had some ridiculous quotes. Here are the best 7 from tonight's episode, "#INTERIORmotives":

Dorothy (about her parents buying her new pad):

"I'm going to send them a selfie 'CC: Thanks'."

Morgan (about Brendan's Range Rover):

"I look better looking in this car!"

Morgan (about Brendan's salmonella poisoning):

"I love having diarrhea!"

Roxy (about how "poor" she is):

"They're giving me a little, but not really. Like, I have to buy my own shoes now."

Morgan (about loving to eat):

"I'm like, a really fat person on the inside."

Dorothy (about ice skating):

"It's going to be Nancy Kerrigan up in here."

Morgan (about Jonny drinking a vodka-cranberry):

"The only reason for cranberry juice is a UTI or yeast infection."

Image: E!/RichKidsOfBH/Twitter