Beyonce Wears Yeezy In 'Lemonade'

Beyonce's 'Lemonade' was full of obviously amazing high fashion looks, but one in particular served as a shout-out to a fellow artist. In case you didn't notice, Beyonce wears Yeezy in Lemonade, and look freaking fierce AF in it. The queen knows how to own any look, and this is no exception.

The mastermind behind Bey's looks for the film, Marni Senofonte, provided insights on exactly how she decided to pair a Yeezy crop top and leggings from Kanye for Bey in the garage scenes. Senofonte shared, "It was such a boss look. It was so sexy as it is, and the underboob was kind of awesome. It was freezing in New Orleans — record low temperatures — so when she put that fur harness on, she became that. It was just this look, like she was running it. Very empowering."

And Yeezy is in dang good designer company to be featured in Lemonade. Queen Bey is also seen rocking a stunner golden Roberto Cavalli gown when she smashes that car window, a high-necked orange Nicolas Jebran gown, a slick Gucci snake-print button down and, my personal favorite, a dreamy Marcia Lucia Hohan dress when she starts belting "Freedom."

Want to stop and appreciate how freaking amaze Bey looks in Yeezy? Scroll on!

First, how cute is it that Kimye posted on IG about the singer in her hubby's line?

And, obvs Beyonce teased us with the look when we first found out 'Lemonade' existed!

To get the Yeezy Season 3 looks for ourselves and channel the goddess, all we can do is wait.