The 'Formation' Tour Should Have More Home Videos

Hey, you're looking for more reasons to regret not shelling out for a ticket to the Formation Tour, right? I know I am, which is why I'm currently tormenting myself by wondering — will Beyoncé show home videos during the Formation Tour? It just hasn't quite been devastating enough knowing that all my friends will be in the presence of greatness, watching literal magic and history occur onstage while I'll be home mainlining Lemonade with a bottle of wine, so I'm really trying to do whatever I can to make this harder on myself.

The moment it occurred to me that Beyoncé might be sharing more intimate moments from her personal life during said tour, I knew I'd hit upon a great new way to make myself feel bad. Because the answer is yes, Beyoncé will almost certainly share new, unseen footage at her Formation Tour shows. We don't have official confirmation on this from the Queen or her camp, obviously, but it's kind of been her thing lately.

Just think about it. During the On The Run Tour, Beyoncé shared home videos from 2008 wedding to Jay Z, which provided literally the only glimpse we've ever gotten into their ceremony, and she did the same thing with Lemonade , sharing home videos of her own childhood. Beyoncé is simultaneously such a private person and such a public figure that this is the perfect way to let us in just enough to get to know her, but not so far that she loses anything she wasn't ready to offer up. Like, y'know, her privacy as a human being who deserves her personal space. Letting us into the moments that she herself chooses is the perfect — and maybe only? — way to reward her fans for their intense interest in all things Beyoncé while still maintaining control over her own narrative. It's pretty brilliant, honestly, so I can't imagine that she won't repeat the same formula for the Formation Tour.

So, yeah, if you happen to be going, please just take impeccable notes on the home videos that I'm assuming Beyoncé is going to share, and be prepared to describe them to me in painstaking, excruciating detail. That's not to much to ask, right?

Image: HBO; Giphy