23 Wild Met Gala Accessories That Are Worth A Second Look — PHOTOS

Katy Perry arrives at the 2015 Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute Gala benefit in honor of the museums latest exhibit China: Through the Looking Glass May 4, 2015 in New York. AFP PHOTO / TIMOTHY A. CLARY (Photo credit should read TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP/Getty Images)
Source: TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP/Getty Images

What happens when you get the hottest celebrities and famous designers together in one room? The Met Gala! It's almost time the most fashionable red carpet of them all, and I can't think of a better way to get ready than a look back at the 23 craziest Met Gala accessories over the years. Sure, there have been some truly iconic dresses at past events, but they'd be nothing without the bedazzled and unusual accessories. 

Every year the celebrity style gets more and more interesting, but there are just some looks that will be forever burned in your memory once you see them. Whether the accessories at the Met Gala inspire or confuse the heck out of you, there's something for everyone to obsess over. The event is like a sophisticated Halloween party where everyone is encouraged to dress as wildly as they'd like. Who wouldn't love that?

From sky-high headpieces to animal inspired clutches, nothing is off limits for the fashionable event. With each year's differing theme, you never know what celebrities will wear next, but you can expect them to be even more over-the-top than what they wore last. A look back at some of the craziest accessories will prove my point. Let's just hope that there something equally as show-stopping this year to add to the list.

1. Lily Aldridge's Fish Clutch

Her outfit might not have been too over-the-top, but her fish clutch definitely caught people off-guard. Especially when she posed for a picture kissing it.

You wouldn't see that on any other red carpet.

2. Katy Perry's Nails

Perry's outfit was super colorful, but it was her nails that surprised everyone the most. She had each letter of "Moschino" dangling from her fingers.

The singer also carried a Moschino spray paint can purse.

3. Sarah Jessica Parker's Mohawk

The Sex And The City star has worn her fair share of over-the-top accessories, but her 2013 faux mohawk took the sartorial cake.

That's a serious statement piece.

4. Julie Macklowe's Choker

Macklowe let her punk side shine when she wore this spiked chocker and voluminous pink hair.

5. Marion Cotillard

At first glance Cotillard looks completely normal, but her spiky loafers landed her on the list.

How crazy awesome are those?

6. Tabitha Simmons Headpiece 

Adding another headpiece to the list, Simmons' blended right in with her gold gown. It definitely made a statement.

7. Kris Jenner's Earrings 

How Jenner even managed to hold these on her ears is a mystery to me.

8. Cara Delevingne's Temporary Tattoos

This was one of the most unique accessories yet. The model covered her body in temporary tattoos for the 2014 event.

She even had people thinking the tattoos were real at first.

9. Kim Kardashian's Monochrome

Taking the monochrome trend to a whole new level, the social media star was covered in the same pattern from her dress to her gloves to her heels.

10. Sarah Jessica Parker's Headpiece

Parker makes the list again with yet another large headpiece. This time it was a bit more bold in color than before.

11. M.I.A.'s Body Chain

M.I.A.'s full body chain matched perfectly with her gold finger sleeves.

12. Florence Welch's Jacket

Because there's no better time to wear a white all-fur jacket than the Met Gala.

13. Andre Leon Talley's Cape

Believe it or not, there's a Ralph Lauren suit under this Balenciagia cape.

The view from the back is even more voluminous.

14. Anna Dello Russo Headpiece

I'm not exactly sure what was going on with this headpiece, but it definitely stood out.

15. Janelle Monae's Collar

Monae would make the Queen of Hearts jealous with the gorgeous collar. The top hat also adds a bold touch.

16. Demi Moore's Headpiece

Demi's outfit wasn't your average all black ensemble with the addition of this headpiece.

17. Linda Fargo's Hair Accessories

I'm not exactly sure if these are clips or some sort of headgear, but it's definitely unique. As are the birdcage earrings.

18. Cameron Silver's Cane

I'm going to be honest, I have no idea what Silver was going for here.

No words.

19. Lori Goldstein's Jacket

That's a whole lot of color in one outfit.

20. Kate Upton's Purse

If you look closely, that giant circle purse of hers is actually a clock.

21. Katy Perry's Crown

It might not compare to her Moschino nails, but Perry wore a full on crown with matching earrings a few years before her previous look.

22. Erykah Badu's Top Hat

The chances that she got some inspiration for this outfit from Pharrell Williams are very high.

23. Dakota Johnson's Purse

Johnson made sure to fit the 2015 theme with her purse.

Something tells me that there will be a few more to add to the list after this year's event.

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