Why The ‘GG’ Revival Could Include A Big Dance

You know I love those boys in the Life and Death Brigade more than anything, but just like they screwed with Rory’s life on Gilmore Girls, I feel like they screw with mine every time they cryptic pictures from the Gilmore Girls revival set. Every time they do, it works. Because all I can do is try to figure out what they mean and pine for more information. But when Tanc Sade posted a mysterious photo of him with a professional dancer, one that he wouldn’t even say was for either Roadies or the Gilmore Girls revival, I took matter into my own hands and did a little research. And, guys, it’s looking pretty good that there is going to be a big dance number in the Gilmore Girls revival. But, if it is happening, why in the world would it include the Life and Death Brigade?

During my hunt to find proof of whether or not Sade’s picture was really from the Gilmore Girls revival, I stumbled upon the choreographer, Marquerite Derricks, photo of a similar group of tired looking dancers. The picture was posted on the same day as Sade’s and included the confirming hashtags #gilmoregirls and #gilmoregirlsrevival. Which means it’s getting to be likely: There really could be a big dance number in the revival.

So that mystery is solved.

But figuring out why members of the Life and Death Brigade would be working with the dancers is another mystery entirely. This odd mash-up could be explained by a number of things, like the very real possibility that Tanc Sade was just hanging out with the dancers while they rehearsed on set. But considering that his Instagram post mentions working with one of the choreographers, it’s more likely than not that the Life and Death Brigade could be in on this possible big dance number.

I sort of initially assumed that the dance number would be for the Stars Hollow musical that the revival will feature, but, with the inclusion of the Life and Death Brigade, I’m kind of wondering if this group dance is really for some sort of stunt that these boys are planning for a bigger event. Like — cough, cough — a major wedding? With rumors circulating that a wedding will be taking place in the four-part revival, I think having a group of professional dancers on hand could support the theory that one is happening. And if the Life and Death Brigade are involved with the wedding, could it be that the wedding is Logan’s? We’ll have to wait until the revival premieres to find out for sure, but until then, my sleuthing cup runneth over.

And so does my dancing cup, because Derricks is a legend (check out her work from Fame here), and having her work in the revival would be beyond epic.

Image: Netflix