The 'Keanu' Soundtrack Is A George Michael Fan's Dream Come True

While you might think that a tune like David Bowie's "Cat People" might be a fitting theme song for an action movie about a kitten, the real star of the Keanu soundtrack is George Michael. As Bustle's Tanya Gharhremani noted in an interview with the movie's creators, the makers of the Keanu soundtrack wanted a featured singer "who was beloved enough, but also power pop enough, to sound ridiculous for certain scenes — and that person turned out to be the iconic '80s star. George Michael wound up taking over the Keanu tracklist, and as the movie's trailer shows, his music creates a ridiculous but smart sense of comedy in the film, too.

Keanu's full tracklist and album has yet to be released, but you can still get to know some of the awkwardly sexy George Michael tracks that Key and Peele include in the film. Many people, of course, are already familiar with Michael, as he was originally one-half of Wham, the smooth group behind "Last Christmas," a song that reminds you that nothing says Christmas like a sexy breakup and feathered, highlighted mullets. And in Keanu, Michael's breathy voice makes a perfect addition. Here are all the George Michael songs on the Keanu soundtrack, so you can listen up and sing along with Key and Peele.

"Freedom! 90"

georgemichaelVEVO on YouTube

If you could bottle up the sound of '90s pop, the result might sound an awful lot like this tune. It's peppy and full of '80s residue, which actually sums up most of George Michael's sound.

"Father Figure"

georgemichaelVEVO on YouTube

I really don't like the creepy "daddy issues" theme of this song, but its video is basically a lesson on how to wear aviators and do a cool walk. Come for the sexed-up George Michael bass line, stay for the really weird way he sings the word "naked" over and over.

"One More Try"

georgemichaelVEVO on YouTube

Imagine taking Sinead O'Connor's "Nothing Compares 2 U" and chewing it up like a piece of bubblegum. This breakup ballad from George Michael is exactly that, and, right behind Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball," it's the best sad song to do at karaoke night.


As Tina Belcher would put it, "Butts." That's all I have to say about this rump-shaker.

Put on your tightest jeans and nastiest shades, and enjoy these cheesy pop numbers as you wait for the rest of the Keanu soundtrack to arrive.

Image: Warner Bros.