How To Get The Birthday Cake Frappuccino Emoji

If you're still wiping the sleep off your eyeballs, I have some great news that will perk you right up: Starbucks is reintroducing the Birthday Cake Frappuccino after last year's limited but wildly popular release, and they're celebrating with a brand new emoji in its honor. And you may want to jump on figuring out how to get the Starbucks Birthday Cake Frappuccino emoji ASAP, because the drink will only be available from April 28 to May 2. I know you're probably very busy sprinting to your local Starbucks, but if you can manage the multitask hustle, taking a second to get your Starbucks emoji game on fleek will be well worth your efforts.

Just in case you aren't already living your best emoji life, you should know that Starbucks released an emoji keyboard a few days ago that you can install as a third party keyboard on your phone. Gone are the days of worrying that you've misspelled the word frappuccino in a text thread with your BFFs — all you need is one emoji to express the inner workings of your caffeinated heart. And nothing is cuter than texting a Birthday Cake Frapp emoji to a friend on their actual birthday, AMIRITE?!

To show you how the magic happens, I'll give you a quick breakdown on installing the app and finding the new emoji.

Head To The App Store

A quick search will get you to the new keyboard app, which is (#bless) freeeeee to download.

Add The Keyboard

Once the app is downloaded, you're not finished yet. You have to go to your Settings and select Keyboard, where you'll have the option to add a new one. (If you're low key emoji obsessed like I am, this won't be your first Add New Keyboard rodeo.)

Select The Starbucks Keyboard


Add Full Access

This is basically the Starbucks Gold Card version of emoji keyboard.

Ch-ch-ch-check It

Here's what the keyboard will look like once you've downloaded it — the Birthday Cake Frappuccino should be the second option. You'll know it from its distinctively adorable pink top.

Text Your Peeps

Obviously your peeps will already have the keyboard downloaded, because we have been waiting our ENTIRE LIVES FOR THIS.

The new emoji should have automatically added itself to the keyboard this morning, but if you're having trouble seeing it, go to the App Store and update the Starbucks Keyboard app. That ought to get you right on track toward sending all your birthday-having friends the adorable caffeinated message they deserve. Make sure to get to Starbucks between April 28 and May 2 to try the deliciousness for yourself!

Images: Starbucks; Emma Lord/Bustle