Drake Needs More 'Summer Sixteen' Tour Dates

by Amy Mackelden

As far as I'm concerned, Drake can do no wrong, and I'm sure you feel the same. So news that Drake added eight additional dates to his Summer Sixteen Tour with Future has been warmly welcomed. But now everyone is wondering, will Drake add even more Summer Sixteen Tour dates, when the current roster completely sell out when they go on sale to the general public on April 29? Basically, until every country in the world is featured on Drake and Future's list of tour dates, I won't be happy. I need an answer right now to this pertinent question — will Drake add more Summer Sixteen Tour dates?

While it's anyone's best guess right now as to whether Drake's tour will be even longer than it already is, all signs point to him needing to add more tour dates than he already has. With the release of his long-long-awaited album Views From The 6 imminent — like, literally, it's due out on April 29, 2016 — excitement about Drake's music is only going to get bigger in the coming months. From picking out outfits to wear, to dreaming about having VIP tickets to the shows, fans can't wait for the "Hotline Bling" singer to go on tour. Which is exactly why Drake should announce even more Summer Sixteen Tour dates immediately.

One of my favorite things about Drake's forthcoming tour is how cleverly named it is. Not only is "Summer Sixteen" a single that Drake released before the album dropped, it's also date specific, as this summer is Summer 2016. The tour currently starts on July 20 in Austin, TX, and ends on September 18 in Vancouver, Canada, covering the summer months, and then some. If Drake extends the tour into October, the Summer Sixteen title might not work as well, but I'd be more than happy about that if it meant more chances to get tickets.

A quick look at the VIP packages for the Summer Sixteen tour on Ticketmaster shows some insane Drake-themed goodies on offer. From having your photo taken with the man himself, to candles, pins, and car fresheners, the VIP packages are certainly enticing. Hopefully the merch stalls will feature some sweet Drake items too, because there's nothing I need more than a candle with his face on it.

We'll all have to wait patiently to find out if Drake will be adding more dates to his Summer Sixteen Tour.