The Actors Playing The Allentown Brothers In 'Keanu' Will Totally Surprise You

Key and Peele's new movie Keanu is all about the search for a missing kitten. But as opposed to your standard "putting up flyers and enlisting help from neighbors" pet search, this one is a dangerous mission filled with gunfights and gang violence. And at the heart of it all are two dangerous criminals: the Allentown brothers. The brothers are in the opening scene and set the stage for all the subsequent action, so they're key players in Keanu's story. Given that the film features several celebrities in big roles, you might be wondering who plays the Allentown brothers in Keanu ?

Well, you're in for a surprise: the Allentown brothers are played by none other than Key and Peele themselves. Key and Peele are pretty unrecognizable as the brothers, so it's not obvious that it's the same actors playing both sets of people. To make things even more complicated, at one point the Allentown brothers are in the same scene as Key and Peele's characters (and in fact, there's a major confrontation between them all), so unless you already knew that Key and Peele were playing dual roles, you wouldn't guess that was the case. But even though it's the first time that Key and Peele are portraying two sets of characters on the big screen, they have plenty of experience playing unlikely pairs. Here are some of the best duos that Key and Peele have brought to life in the past.

Meegan & Andre

Comedy Central on YouTube

Meegan is an archetype of a high-maintenance girl who always has to get what she wants. She has a habit of storming out places, unreasonably angry at her boyfriend. Andre is Meegan's boyfriend who is given the impossible task of consoling her.

The Valets

David Friedel on YouTube

These two exaggerated characters pass the time at work by having impassioned discussions about movies and stars, whose names they consistently mispronounce.

LaShawn & Samuel

Comedy Central on YouTube

Samuel (played by Key) and LaShawn (played by Peele) are a gay couple with drastically different personalities, appearances, and outlooks on life.

President Obama & Luther

Comedy Central on YouTube

Peele does another great impression, this time of President Obama. Key plays Luther, the president's "anger translator," who takes the subtext from the president's calm speeches and gives it an aggressive delivery.

Although Key & Peele is no longer on TV, Keanu provides fans with a fresh opportunity to see the two comedians as partners yet again. And, since Key and Peele also play the Allentown brothers in Keanu, it's double dose of duos! Now, that's a two-for-one deal.

Image: Warner Bros