"Summer Sixteen" Is Missing From The 'Views' Album

by Michelle Lulic

Drake took to Twitter on Wednesday to give fans just the proof of his new album they have been waiting for: The Views — formerly known as Views From The 6 — album track list. However, after getting through the excitement about the 20 songs expected on the new album, it soon becomes clear that there's something missing from the rapper's latest release. His latest single, and the song in which his upcoming summer tour is named after, "Summer Sixteen" is not on the Views track list. While it is common for artists to release single track albums before the release of their main album, it is especially rare for an artist to then not include the previously released single along with the full track list. In fact, including the previously released singles on the full album almost seems like a common curtesy to music-buying fans.

But, despite Drake setting out on his very own Summer Sixteen Tour, it seems as if you can only buy "Summer Sixteen" separately. In the meantime, what makes all of this all the more confusing is the fact that Drake is the only artist linked to the song "Summer Sixteen." That rules out all of the chances that the single has of possibly popping up on another artist's upcoming album. Adding to the confusion even more is the fact that his other previously released singles, "One Dance," "Pop Style," and "Hotline Bling," are all included. This is seriously so strange.

However, perhaps this strategic move could mean that there's even more music on it's way. Despite hit singles like "Hotline Bling," "One Dance," and "Pop Style," being included, numerous other Drake songs aside from "Summer Sixteen" were left off the new album as well. "Back To Back," "Can I," "Right Hand," and more all appear to be missing, too. And, personally, that could only really mean one thing: Drake is creating music at such a rapid pace that 20 spots on the new album isn't even enough space. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if the singles he released prior where nothing more than a test to see which songs to include on the new album.

So, this could mean that we will just have to deal with buying his singles separately as they come out instead of waiting for the full album. Or maybe that Views has some bonus tracks waiting for us to scream over them. Or, on the other hand, it could also mean that he has yet another album (possibly a live tour album?) on it's way. If Drake wants to get super tricky with all of this, perhaps the next album will be called From The 6 — in order to complete the album's original full-length title, Views From The 6.

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