Beyoncé Is Spotted Without Her Wedding Ring

by Emily Lackey

Hold on to your lemonade stands, Beyoncé fans, because the Queen Beyoncé was spotted without her wedding ring during the opening night of her Formation World Tour, and the internet is going cah-razy about it. I mean absolutely wild. You’d think the pope had decided to convert to Judaism or something with the way these people are acting. Not that I can entirely blame people for freaking out. After the release of Beyoncé’s visual and auditory album, Lemonade, fans and critics the world over have been digging deep into Beyoncé’s marriage to Jay-Z. But does Beyoncé not wearing her wedding ring necessarily spell trouble for their marriage?

Not necessarily, although it’s understandable why people would speculate that it is. After releasing an hour-long album with songs that are predominantly about infidelity, anyone in their right mind would turn to an artist’s own marriage for biographical influence. With theories swirling about what the album means for her marriage to Jay-Z, this moment backstage without a ring on could mean troubling times for the iconic couple.

But being spotted without a ring on isn’t abnormal for Beyoncé, especially during a huge performance. In fact, other than walking the red carpet and maybe, like, showing off her huge rock to her friends, Beyoncé is often spotted without her wedding ring from her 2008 marriage to Jay-Z. Like during her 2012 performance for the United National World Humanitarian Day. For that performance, she was spotted without her ring the entire time. And, you guys, that was long before the elevator incident and the rumors about her marriage to Jay-Z really started swirling.

There are plenty of other examples too. During photo shoots, on the red carpet, and while on stage Beyoncé is often spotted without her ring. And can you blame her? If I had a ring that weighed as much as a human head, I probably would take it off from time to time too.