11 Amazing Drake 'VIEWS' Memes To Remind You That The Internet Is A Wonderful Place

TORONTO, ON - FEBRUARY 14: Rapper Drake speaks during introductions before the NBA All-Star Game 2016 at the Air Canada Centre on February 14, 2016 in Toronto, Ontario. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and/or using this Photograph, user is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
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Now that Drake has released the cover artwork for his upcoming album Views From the 6oops, sorry it's just called Views now — memes inspired by the art have begun their internet takeover. As we all know by now, anything that Drake touches turns to memes, and Views seems to be no different. The original image features Drake in his homeland (Canada) on top of Toronto's highest building (the CN Tower). Once it was put out into the world, a website that allowed anyone with some wit — and a desire to laugh — to place a tiny version of Drake on any photo appeared called Drake's Views. Thus providing us with some Views memes that are just too good. (Some people, of course, just used Adobe Photoshop because #oldschool.)

If you consider how many memes Drake's last album If You're Reading This It's Too Late spawned, then this is just the beginning for Views. Especially now that someone has decided to finally fuse their love of Drake memes with their interweb skills. That's right. A Toronto-based company called The Young Astronauts is now alloying you to make your own Views memes — all by dragging and dropping any image you'd like to see Drake perched atop of on their site, Drake's ViewsGenius right? Let's take a look at all the best memes that Views has inspired so far. 

1. Views From The Sein

[Twitter Embed: https://twitter.com/Seinfeld2000/status/724413331893719040]

It's an album about nothing?

2. Views From The Get Down Safely

[Twitter Embed: https://twitter.com/RussoMusso/status/724580879192956928]

Careful up there. 

3. Views From The Squish 

[Twitter Embed: https://twitter.com/zachlassen/status/724411205587066880]

So teeny tiny. 

4. Views From The "Where Is Drake?"

[Twitter Embed: https://twitter.com/SquiresEnt/status/724432323186446336]

True story: this took me 3000 minutes. 

5. Views From The Shade

[Twitter Embed: https://twitter.com/WSHHFANS/status/724583884726382592]


6. Views From The School 

[Twitter Embed: https://twitter.com/SuperScott94/status/724414123749023745]

Whatever it takes, I know I can make it through. 

7. Views From The Stadium 

[Twitter Embed: https://twitter.com/ror925/status/724462263688638469]


8. Views From The Lemonade

[Twitter Embed: https://twitter.com/HeadphoneJones_/status/724406847394983936]

Take a sip...

9. Views From Sad Jordan

[Twitter Embed: https://twitter.com/bobby/status/724421395430694913]

Poor Jordan.

10. Views From The Death Star

[Twitter Embed: https://twitter.com/youngheartsco/status/724406239363518464]

I like this one a little too much. 

11. Views From Meek

[Twitter Embed: https://twitter.com/ComplexMag/status/724429946345517056]

Poor Meek. 

Question: If a Drake album drops and there are no memes, does it even exist? Food for thought. 

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