Drake "Pop Style" Memes Are Breaking The Internet

One surefire way to break the Internet? Become Drake and drop two singles in one day. And, also, make one of them his latest track, "Pop Style." Considering the song featured collaborations from The Throne (aka Jay Z and Kanye West) and included a badass mellow, eerie beat, it was to be expected that fans would be blowing up Twitter with hilarious "Pop Style" memes in just a matter of seconds. And that's exactly what they did. From nods at the mere fact that these three are together on one track to the hard-to-ignore/ridiculously short length of Jay Z's appearance, there so much to love. And so much to meme.

While "Pop Style"'s overall message may be more of a serious one — as the song touches on the trials and tribulations of a life and career in the public eye — all fans seem to know is that their music worlds have collided in the most spur-of-the-moment, unexpected way. And, basically, all they seem to want is much more of The Throne in Drake's upcoming album, Views From The 6, and a sneak peak into what went into Jay Z's writing and recording process for this newly released Drake singles. But, as for now, we just have the pleasure of enjoying these memes and listening to "Pop Style" on a never-ending loop.

1. The Length Of Jay Z's Rap

There's really no better way to describe it.

2. All Of The Feels

No matter how you feel about it... There will be tears.

3. When You Realize Who "The Throne" Is

Pure. Chaos.

4. When You First Heard The News Of The Song Dropping

But, really, this is what any music-loving office looks like right now.

5. But Really, Jay Z...

Cooking up something small but with perfect care.

6. It's Almost Too Much To Handle

Yet the song still keeps playing on repeat.

7. But Jay Z Still Killed It

There's just no denying it.

8. Because All Three Of Them Are Still Too Fly For Us

I wish I was that cool.

9. And All Of Them Together Is Just...


10. And This Is The Only Way To Try And Comprehend

I have no words.

11. Because... This

These kids are all of us.

12. And This

How could you not love Jay Z?

13. Even Kim Can't Handle It

Drake and Kim? I'd ship that. But I'm pretty sure Kanye West wouldn't be too happy.

14. I'll Just End On This Note

I'm just straight-up speechless over all of this.

But what caused "Pop Style" to become so meme-able in the first place? Basically, this sums it up.

However, in the end, no matter how you feel about the new track, one thing is for sure: Drake, Kanye West, and Jay Z now owe us the "Pop Style" performance of the year. Because that would be nothing less than pure magic... and a ton more memes.