Kendra Didn't Kill Vandal Savage On 'Legends Of Tomorrow,' But Was It For A Good Reason?

Well, folks, the moment we'd all been waiting for finally happened. Savage was weak and at Kendra's mercy thanks to weapon she created from the gold bracelet. And yet Kendra decided not to kill Vandal Savage. Why? Because he's the only key to unlocking Carter's memories. Oh yes, did I forget to mention that little piece of information? Carter is alive on Legends of Tomorrow in a future reincarnated version of himself. Pretty exiting stuff, right? Except this surprise comes with a catch: Carter doesn't remember who he is or any of his past lives thanks to the fact that Savage has brainwashed him. So the only way to get him back to his old self relies on the continued existence of the enemy they've all been hunting.

Part of me understand's Kendra's decision since Carter has been her soulmate for so many centuries. But the fact that she had the weapon to kill Savage and willingly chose not to use it, knowing what it would mean if he escaped to cause more harm, is more than a little upsetting. I'm not saying I would've made a different decision if I was in her position. It's definitely a difficult call to make, especially when it's concerning someone you care so much about. But being apart of the Legends team means thinking beyond your own desires, and deciding for Savage to live could definitely be seen as a selfish move.

She wants to get Carter back and she's willing to risk the chance of Rip's wife and son dying again to make it happen. Rip even reminded her what was at stake if she made the choice not to kill him and she did anyway. Not because she was afraid of the task itself, but rather that it would mean letting Carter go. Did she do the right thing? That's a matter of opinion, depending upon how you choose to look at it. But I have a feeling that when everything plays out, she may come to regret her actions... or rather lack thereof.

Image: Diyah Pera/The CW