Savage's Daughter Introduced A 'Legends' Mystery

The Legends have made many attempts to conquer Vandal Savage in the past, but during Thursday night's episode "Leviathan," they finally managed to get their hands on a secret weapon... and I'm not even talking about that gold bracelet. I'm referring, of course, to Vandal Savage's daughter, Cassandra, on Legends of Tomorrow . Because, yes, that's right, my friends — evidently someone allowed Savage to procreate, which begs the question: who is Cassandra's mom and what happened to her?

According to Cassandra herself (or as Snart likes to call her, "Cassi"), her mother died back when Savage's protege Per Degaton unleashed a deadly Armageddon virus throughout the world, killing her in the process. But, of course, the Legends know that Savage himself was actually the one responsible for that massacre, which means that whoever this woman was, her blood is most certainly on his hands. That's all the information we were given about her, though. In fact, unless my ears temporarily stopped working, they didn't even mention her name. Is this because the detail doesn't really matter or are the writers trying to keep that piece of information a secret for now?

Part of me immediately went to the possibility that another version of Kendra will turn out to be Cassandra's mother. Not just because Kendra and Cassandra kind of sound similar (which they totally do), but also because of the bracelet that was currently in his daughter's possession. That bracelet once belonged to Kendra in her first life. Could it be that the heirloom was a bracelet passed down to her by her mother, the original owner?

Granted, I don't know why any future version of Kendra would want to be with Savage given everything that he's done. But maybe he somehow managed to make her forget their past lives, similar like what happened when she was living in Central City? It definitely seems possible. Cassandra didn't seem to recognize Kendra upon seeing her, but then again she was wearing her Hawkgirl uniform at the time. Either way, this is one mystery that I hope comes back into play at some point in the future. Or maybe even in the past.

Image: Bettina Strauss/The CW