Taylor Swift Is Looking So Different These Days

by Augusta Statz

This gal has always had that red lip, classic thing you like, but those days are behind her (at least for the time-being). Taylor Swift wore a dark, vampy lip to Gigi Hadid’s birthday bash. Let’s just say, between the hair and the lip, she’s a whole new T. Swift.

Ever since she debuted lighter, shorter locks on the front of Vogue, the Swift fanatics have been in a state of shock. Well, maybe her new hair is just a wig, we all thought. But then, she rocked the ‘do at Coachella, too. OK, so not a wig. Apparently, she just can’t get enough of her new look because the bleach blonde fun still hasn’t stopped. Add a dark red, even purple-y lip to the mix, and I just hardly know what to do with myself.

Honestly, I’m not mad about it, though. I’m having fun watching Swift experiment with her look, no matter how surprised I feel all over again each and every time she steps out. She’s still the same old T. Swift under there. I mean, she hasn’t gone too far from what we’re used to, really. Sure, her hair is lighter and her lip is darker, but at the end of the day she’ll always be a blonde who totally owns a statement lip, and you’ve got to love that about her, slightly revised style or no.

Well, hello there, edgy Swift.

She still looks incredible, even with new makeup and hair.

Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Although, it is different than what everyone's used to seeing.

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Her red lip and hair color just became so iconic, and I know I, for one, thought it would never change.

And some things never do change. This is the same red-lipstick loving, blonde-haired gal everyone's used to. Just with, you know, new shades of each.

Besides, I can't imagine this change will last for too long. Eventually, we all have to go back to our roots, right?

I feel pretty sure that Swift will return to this soon enough. I mean, it is such a great color, after all.

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