These 100-Year-Old Twins Have Never Been Separated & Their Adventures Will Give You FOMO

Though we know that the bond between siblings (particularly twins) can be incredibly strong, the story of these two 100-year-old twins who have never been separated is seriously going to give you some #FridayFeels. Living that long is an incredible feat as it is (though less and less of an anomaly as time goes on), but the story of everything Mary Belle Roach and Rae Belle Powell, otherwise known as "The Wallace Twins," have been through is seriously inspiring.

Born during World War I on March 25, 1916 in Symsonia, Kentucky, the two would reside in or near their hometown for the next 100 years. They were just teenagers when the Great Depression hit, and their bond has only been solidified by the fact that they have been through some of the most difficult times in recent history (namely, two World Wars, to boot). "It was really bad, we had nothing," Roach told TODAY. "The only monthly expense was home insurance."

Despite how high the odds were stacked against them, they were lucky enough to continue their education together at Murray State College (it cost five dollars a semester at the time, can you imagine?!), and they would take advantage of their identical appearances and play pranks on people. "She [Mae] can't hit a ball to save her life," said Roach. "So I would go to [gym] class for her and she would write my book reports for me."

After graduating, they married two best friend they grew up with, and accepted teaching positions at the local elementary school (their salary at the time was one dollar a day!). They taught in classrooms right across the hall from one another for 42 years. In the 1940s, however, their careers were sidelined when their husbands were drafted into WWII, but they didn't leave each other's side. They moved to Detroit together to work, and though things were extremely difficult at times (they specifically remember dealing with the trauma and aftermath of Pearl Harbor) they were able to keep their spirits up, and eventually, saw the end of the war with one another.

Roach recalled that there were thousands of people "dancing, drinking out of the same bottle," and that she'd never forget the experience. After returning home, they bought motor homes with their husbands and traveled the country together. (Sometimes it takes a truly trying experience to inspire you to really live and explore, and this was no exception.) They ended up visiting all 50 states and eight countries in Europe, too (they also went on six cruises together).

Interestingly enough, they haven't slowed down yet! Their spouses have passed, but they are still as together and rambunctious as ever. They now share a home, and recently moved into the same room together, in case one of them ever needs the other in the middle of the night. They still do everything together, from going to the gym to getting their hair done. Aside from being #friendshipgoals, they have one of the most inspiring life stories ever. Maybe what they say is true: real connection does keep you young!

Images: Pixabay