Video of Kirsten Dunst in a Strip Club Is Sort of a Must-See

Perhaps it's a bit assumptive to say that there are certain celebrities we expect to see in a strip club, and certain celebrities we don't. It's no reflection on either side, we just happen to know that some celebrities are the type to go and blow thousands on sexy dancing girls, and others seem to be more of a sit home and drink tea type of famous person. However, leave your preconceptions at the door, because Kirsten Dunst was spotted at a New Orleans strip club, and if Dunst is willing to hit the strip club, well, I feel my ability to feel out which celebrities are or aren't strip club attendees rather dissipates in the face of such a shocking sighting. Does Rihanna go to the strip club? Does Chelsea Handler? I just don't know anymore, Kirsten Dunst has completely thrown my strip-dar.

However, in order to cling onto the last vestiges of our sensible strip-club attending world, the video uploaded by TMZ indicates that Dunst showed very little interest in the dancers themselves, a Herculean feat when you consider how hard it would be to ignore undulating body parts so close to your face. Ah well, at least we know that though she might be willing to hang out stage side at a strip club, Dunst isn't there to ogle the employees, she's just there to hang with her gal pals. Even if we're sort of confused by that.