Who Is Drake Calling "Goofy" On "Hype" From 'Views?' I Bet You Can Guess

One of the best things about Friday, April 29, Drake Day, is that Aubrey Drake Graham knows how to drop subtle disses like nobody's business. A true rapper of the Internet age (is there a more living embodiment of a meme than Drizzy?), Drake's lyrics are like a rap version of a subtweet. On Views, formerly Views From The 6, which dropped on Friday, Drake uses a Disney insult against a certain someone. In the track "Hype," he raps: "I hate a Goofy especially/ They always dyin' to mention me/ They always die out eventually." So, who exactly is Drake calling "Goofy"? The target probably knows, though the rest of us can only speculate. But a good guess, as always when it comes to Drake, is that he is dissing rapper Meek Mill; though there are plenty of others who can't be quite ruled out.

Exhibit A: Meek Mill is literally so goofy. Not corny, which is what Drake is, and isn't necessarily a bad thing — he's a dork, and he knows it. He was Jimmy Brooks, lest we ever forget. But Meek Mill got super petty last summer when he accused Drake of ghostwriting his raps on Twitter. Drake waited a few days to respond, and when he did, it was in that signature Drake tone of incredulity that he even had to respond to this clown. He released "Back to Back" and "Charged Up," complete with matching T-shirts (again, corny).

But while Drake kept it light-hearted albeit condescending, Meek took it too far, invoking the tragic accident of someone getting shot at an OVO Sound show. That's number one on the "Oh No No's" list.

There's also another, clearer, Meek diss in the beginning of "Hype," although it reads more as a reminder and a scolding than a slam. "I don't run out of material / You shouldn't speak on me, period / You try to give ’em your side of the story / They heard it, but they weren't hearing it," Drake sings at the beginning of "Hype." It's also pretty meta, considering that Drake's initial participation in the feud was forced, fueled by the hype begging him to respond.

Marcus Ingram/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

But let's not forgot that Drake likes to (mostly gently) poke fun at other rappers, and as Vulture says, "Drake's tea is served at room temperature," so many of his diss tracks are vague. Over his four studio albums (and five mixtapes, he's had a series of other disses: "I'm just feeling like the throne is for the takin'/ Watch me take it" (a shot at Kanye West and Jay Z after they released Watch The Throne); and his first response to Meek last summer on "Charged Up": "I seen it all coming, knew they would push a button/Easter egg hunting, they gotta look for something/ Done doing favors for people/ 'Cause it ain't like I need the money I make off a feature."

So, while Drake doesn't say it straight out, I would bet that Goofy is Meek Mill.