Who's Winning The Drake/Meek Mill Feud?

There are a lot of shots being fired in the feud between Drake and Meek Mill that started with a ghostwriting accusation from Meek to Drake on Twitter on July 21. But who's winning in this war of the roses? Drake. It's Drake. Drake is the winner. Honestly... that's the entire article. Thanks for clicking!

If you're still here, let's break down why exactly Aubrey Graham is winning this fight with that signature, winning smile on his face. First of all, Meek started it, which sounds like playground rules, but he clearly was not prepared for what was to come. And on Tuesday night, 28-year-old Meek Mill put the nail in his own coffin when, during his appearance on girlfriend Nicki Minaj's Pinkprint tour, he brought up Drizzy again and said he would "give him a wedgie." Give him a wedgie? How old are we, fella?

But the real reason that Meek has lost, forever, and should walk away before he makes himself look any worse, is that he took the fight below the belt. As harmless and juvenile as the wedgie threat was, Meek Mill also changed the tone of the feud when he freestyled a rap, also during the Pinkprint Tour appearance, and seemingly made a reference to a shooting that happened at an OVO (Drake's record label) after-party: "Everybody catching bullet holes, Drake and the whole OVO." You know you're done for when you start reaching to tragedy for material to diss your enemies.

Meek's bullet hole lines were just too much. Don't you remember how this all started? It was you, Meek! But I think what really makes Drizzy Drake the winner here is his attitude. He seems like he's just having the most fun in this feud, and isn't that what really makes a winner? Drake has been printing up t-shirts for this feud! He gave me a new goal: Every time I get into a fight with someone, I'm going to have themed shirts printed for it. When Drake released "Charged Up," he had a tee printed with his 6 God prayers hands on the front, and the charged up battery emoji on the back. We caught a glimpse of the tee in a video that taken of Drake at a kickball game he played with LeBron James that features Drake saying, "I haven't taken a loss all week." Speaking of which, there's even more proof Drake is the winner. Somehow, even while putting out diss tracks, Drake still has time to play pickup games of kickball with LeBron James. Even if he wasn't winning a feud right now, Drizzy is still just winning by living his best life.

So while Drake is posting Instagrams of himself laughing out loud at his phone, playing kickball with LeBron James, making memes as disses to Meek, and having Degrassi reunions, Meek Mill taking the low road and going too far. Drake is reliving his Jimmy Brooks days; Meek is dealing with rumors that his girlfriend is going to/has already dumped him because he won't stop taking hits at Drizzy, one of her ride or die friends. Meek, sometimes you just gotta take the hit and walk away. Just take the advice Champagne Papi posted to his Instagram: