17 Photos of Drake Being Adorably Nerdy

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Many-a-fan knows Drake as a dripping-with-swag rapper, but I've always known him as the wheelchair-bound angsty teen Jimmy Brooks on the Canadian melodrama Degrassi . There's a sensitive, hard-working high schooler with a heart of gold behind those YOLO eyes. Despite the fact his new tracks show off his darker side, he still hasn't completely shaken the nice guy image... yet. His guest spot on the new Nicki Minaj single "Only" is probably the most vulgar we've ever heard him. Wait. Hang on. I think we might actually be losing the Drake we have come to know and love! Do we like this? I'm not so sure yet.

Before Drake completely drops his sweet persona, let's revel in these 17 pics of him looking equally nerdy and adorable. Swoon.

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