This Kylie Jenner Lip Kit Will Be Restocked Next

by Jessica Thomas

Kylie Jenner fans have been pretty much desperate to get their hands on all her products, from the original matte lip kits to the new metallic shades or glosses. They all sell out fast, so it's pretty much mandatory to follow the brand on Instagram to figure out when the next restock will happen. After Thursday's restock of the matte lip kits, the brand luckily already posted which Kylie Lip Kit will restock next.

The answer? The metallic shades! So exciting, right? There was initially some speculation that the metal shades were limited edition in honor of Coachella, but it looks like Jenner will be restocking all three colors of her metal matte lip kits: King K, Reign and Heir. When the metallic shades first went on sale, fans (predictably) went crazy. They sold out super fast, just like all of Jenner's other sales. Luckily for fans who didn't manage to get the kits, they'll be out sometime next week, according to an Instagram posted on the Kylie Cosmetics page. And based on the fact that the matte lip kits sold out in 30 minutes on Thursday, you're going to want to watch your page like a hawk to see when they'll go on sale.

It's kind of crazy how popular the glosses are, but Jenner clearly knows her audience.

You'll have the option to buy the glosses individually for $18, or you can get all three shades in the "3 Metals Bundle" for $54 total.

I mean, how gorgeous are those colors? I can't blame people for wanting to get them. Luckily, Jenner and her team are super good about updating the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram and website about the next restock, or you can download her app (or login to her website) for advanced news about the restocks. For now? You'll just have to wait (and hope) you'll get them next.