John Krasinski Has A Brand New, Way Different Role

Resident corporate dream boat, Jim Halpert — oops, sorry I mean, John Krasinksi — just got a sweet new gig. Per Deadline's report, Krasinksi will star as Jack Ryan in the Amazon TV series titled none other than Jack Ryan. The highly popular Tom Clancy novels of the same name feature the secret CIA agent doing secret CIA agent things, and honestly, that's basically what we know about the series' plot so far. That and it will be — according to producer Michael Bay — "a new contemporary take on the character in his prime as a CIA analyst/operative using the novels as source material." At the helm of the series, we'll have Carlton Cuse (showrunner of a little show called Lost) and writer Graham Roland. Now that all those deets are out of the way, a question has naturally sprung to my mind. What would John Krasinksi's most beloved character, Jim Halpert from The Office, think of this news?

The character of the darling paper salesman follows Krasinksi's career around like the two are one in the same. Which might explain why Krasinksi has recently been taking on some different roles (first a Navy SEAL in 13 hours , and now Jack Ryan). Jim Halpert, step away, you lovable romantic goof. There's a new guy in town, and his name's Jack. So as an ode to the changing tides of Krasinksi's career, and a farewell to Krasinksi's Jim Halpert persona, let's commemorate on how good ole Jim would react to this news — with a series of his infamous "look to the camera" faces.

1. Disbelief

No way?! Jack Ryan?!

2. Suspicion

Is it really happening?

3. Worry

Can he do it? Of course he can!

4. Understanding

The weight of the news is sinking in.

4. Cute Chills

It's sending shivers up and down his spine!

5. Cute Something Else

IDK but it's cute.

6. Humble Brag

Without the brag because Jim is too humble for that.

7. Cute Pensiveness

What will Jack Ryan wear? Will Jack Ryan have a beard? A mustache?

8. Cute Wink

He knows that we know that he knows.

9. Speechless, But In A Cute Way


10. Celebration


11. Cute

My favorite Jim Halpert emotion.

Touché, indeed. Welcome to the CIA, Jim, John, Jack...whatever you're going by now.

Images: NBC; Giphy (12)