You Have To Watch This Adorable Promposal

'Tis the season of promposals, be they misguided or adorable. And there is one promposal in particular that is just too sweet for words. Seriously, guys there's a reason the video is going viral.

In the video of this adorable invite, Lillie Wright, 17, asks her best friend, Trevor Jefferson, who has Downs Syndrome, to prom while at her parents' coffee shop, where both Wright and Jefferson work. The coffee shop, Beau's Coffee, employs people with physical and mental disabilities, and it's pretty clear that everyone present for Wright's invite is as happy as she and Jefferson are. Like I said, too sweet.

"Lillie's decision to ask Trevor was completely natural, she has two siblings with Down syndrome," Lillie's mother, Amy Wright, told ABC News. "Lillie values Trevor as a person and a friend ... Everyone at Beau's Coffee loves Trevor and was happy to share in the moment."

Every year, there are always a lot of prom invite stories to enjoy, from the elaborate promposals to the stoner promopsals to the strange and random promposals to the ones that go horribly wrong. But even though lots of proposals involve a lot of fanfare — and can get surprisingly expensive — sometimes the best invites are the simplest: just a rhyming sign and a bunch of supportive friends looking on in a coffee shop.

Because you can't get cuter than this, guys.

Since Lillie's parents posted the video on the Beau's Coffee Facebook page, it's been viewed close to a million times and has garnered hundreds of positive comments, with people sending best wishes and saying they hope the two have a fabulous time.

The whole thing is enough to bring back a little bit of your faith in humanity, and to help reassure us all that the kids really are doing alright.