The Latest In Adorable Promposals

by Sara Levine

Making the act of asking someone to go to prom with you into a huge public spectacle wasn't a big thing back in my day (because I'm super old), but now it seems like every week we have a new promposal that breaks the Internet, each one more romantic than the last. Well, it's safe to say we've found our next promposal sensation: Natalia High School junior Luis Velasquez Jr. asked his classmate Tiffany Gay to prom in possibly the sweetest and most elaborate way. So let this be a warning to prom-askers everywhere: you might have to step up your game.

Last week, Kens5 News reported that Velasquez got clearance from his principal to stage a fire drill so he could ask Tiffany to the prom. Students lined the sidewalk holding encouraging signs while Bruno Mars' "Just the Way You Are" played in the background (Tiffany's favorite song). At the end of the line of students, Luiz stood holding roses, while other classmates stood beside him, holding signs that spelled out “PROM?”. I won't leave you in suspense so I'll just tell you right now: she said yes. You can watch the full video of the promposal in its entirety below, courtesy of Kens5.

Tiffany has Prader-Willi Syndrome, a genetic condition that, among other things, can cause an insatiable appetite and can lead to type 2 diabetes. So when I first saw this I was kind of unsure of how I felt, like, "Eep, I sure hope this isn't just someone using a differently abled person to gain their 15 minutes of Internet fame, because nobody should get brownie points for showing basic human decency." But, to Velasquez's credit, that doesn't really seem like what's going on here. He told Kens5 that he only recorded the video in the first place so he could show it to his mom, and didn't expect it to blow up the way it has. And, for what it's worth, I think the effort and planning that went into the proposal would have been newsworthy no matter who the recipient was. At least, that's my opinion. What's even more sweet (you didn't think it was possible, but somehow it is) are Luiz's plans for the big night: his parents are going to close their restaurant early so Luiz and Tiffany can have a private dinner by candlelight. Aww.

Image: Giphy