How Ripped Does Wonder Woman Need To Be?

It's starting, you guys. Actually. Finally. Batman Vs. Superman has started filming — although we should note that's still not its official name. In the grand tradition of huge blockbusters in the modern age, the beginnings of filming are marked by tiny behind-the-scenes snapshots and tidbits that the media and the consumers alike will pour over and try to squeeze meaning out of. Because, well, squeezing meaning is fun. So let's give in, shall we?

The first few days of Batman Vs. Superman's filming have yielded images of Gal Gadot and Beardy McBearderson Henry Cavill behind the scenes (viewable here). Don't get too excited, though: So far we still lack any glimpses of Gadot as Diana Prince, her Wonder Woman costume, or of Ben Affleck all Batflecked up. Alas. What we do have is a shot of Gadot's rather impressive guns as she bulks up for her role.

That last part of course brings up an interesting question when it comes to Wonder Woman: How bulked up should she be? It's obviously a grueling process to get into the assigned prerequisite shape Hollywood requires of its superheroes, and it's a process we don't often pay a lot of public respect to because, well, they're being paid millions of dollars to do it.

But both Chris Hemsworth and Scarlett Johansson have expressed fatigue at what it takes (5 a.m. wake-up calls, egg-white diets, full days at the gym, etc) and plus, do we really need all of our superhero portrayers to bulk up to physically look like Olympic athletes/gods, especially when it's so incredibly rapid compared to the lifetime most Olympic athletes spend training? As Comicbookmovie.com brought up, it might be unrealistic "to expect a human being to so closely resemble a drawing of a fictional Amazonian princess."

Of course, this is Hollywood, so the chances of them continuing to try to corner the market on unrealistic standards seems par for the course.

Image: GalGadot/Facbeook