Yes, There Are WHCD Snapchat Filters

Don't you hate it when you're at an awesome event and there's just one thing missing from your amazing snaps? Well, Nerd Prom attendees don't have that problem because the White House Correspondents' Dinner Snapchat filters are here and they're amazing. When one is at such a prestigious event, you've gotta take advantage and send the snaps that will make all your friends jealous. But, let's be honest — a lot of the attendees have probably never even heard of Snapchat let alone sent one of those carefully filtered, disappearing messages.

But, for the attendees who do use Snapchat, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to send some of the best snaps ever. It's no secret that people love to send pics of their food and I hear the menu is pretty amazing, so copious food snaps of Diver scallops, petit filet, duck confit are definitely being sent on April 30. And, thank goodness we can send longer videos these days, because nothing could possibly beat a snap of Obama making numerous jokes at Donald Trump's expense.

Plus, the celeb guest list is impressive — and, whether you're a fan of Kendall Jenner, Helen Mirren, or both, the Dinner is definitely the perfect time to send out snaps of amazing company you're keeping on Saturday evening. So, millennials, snap away!

Images: Kathryn Kattalia/Bustle