Michelle Obama's WHCD Outfit Was Fabulous

The FLOTUS has always been something of a fashion icon, but Michelle Obama's 2016 White House Correspondents' Dinner dress was a work of art. The gown was golden, beaded, and all around just plain glorious. So who designed this fabulous ensemble? Fittingly, the dress Mrs. Obama wore to her husband's final WHCD as President of the United States comes from a design legend.

According to Racked, this golden gown is Givenchy Haute Couture. I can't really pick my favorite part of this head-to-toe fantastic look. Is it the color? The beading? The fact that Obama is basically wearing a superhero cape made of jewels? It's all of that, plus her shimmery makeup. That's definitely Kylie's Metal Matte Lip Kit, right?

Michelle Obama has pretty much always gone for something glittery when it comes to Nerd Prom — a quality I can seriously respect in a woman. She wore silver sequins in 2015, tulle and crystals for 2014, and stunning black sparkle back in 2013. Even when she wasn't wearing all that glitters, FLOTUS has exuded confidence through her incredible wardrobe. Sure, the President's tuxes are fine and all, but it's Michelle Obama's sense of style I'll miss most at next year's WHCD.