Please Put Bieber On 'House Hunters'

The Biebz is looking for a new home and it sounds like he wants it to be in Atlanta. Reportedly, Justin Bieber is looking at a mansion in Atlanta's Buckhead area where Usher and Young Jeezy live. According to TMZ, he has his eye on one home in particular — a 16,000 square foot mansion that is listed for $10.95 million. While we can't know for sure if Bieber is going to buy this house, he has definitely been spending time in Atlanta recently. He hit up a movie theater earlier this month and bought nearly $250 in snacks and he was also spotting partying with Diddy at an area club. TMZ goes on to list Bieber's supposed needs for his new house and it sounds like a House Hunters episode that really needs to happen.

Picture this, Bieber walks into a real estate office, introduces himself to the agent, and mentions that he brought along a friend, Scooter Braun, to help him with his decision. Immediately, Bieber starts listing off demands like how the house needs to be no less than 10,000 square feet, that it needs to be between $4 and $10 million, and that it can't be visible from the street. (You know, because it's harder to get caught doing illegal things that way.) Next thing you know the agent would take Bieber and Braun off to house number one which Bieber refuses before they even enter. "Um... it's not situated on five acres of land as a specified. Next." House number two could be listed for $3.5 million, so while Bieber enjoys the potential for multiple weed kitchens, it's too cheap for his tastes. House number three could be the Buckhead mansion about which Bieber can complain that it doesn't have double vanities in all the bathrooms — this complaint is a House Hunters requirement — and he can talk about where he'll hang his indoor swing set.

If Justin Bieber really is viewing Atlanta homes, HGTV needs to get on this stat. Celebrity House Hunters would be amazing especially with Bieber as the inaugural guest. They can thank me later!