'Below Deck Med' Spoilers Promise Drama At Sea

Until the series premiere on May 3, the cast of Below Deck Mediterranean will be the only people who know all the juicy details of what's ahead on the show's debut season. So when Ionian Princess second steward Julia d'Albert Pusay spoke with Bustle, I was thrilled that she was able to tease a few Below Deck Mediterranean spoilers. Of course, she can't give everything away — so she divulged her hints by using emojis to represent some of the big events of the season.

Julia is the second stew, so as the season was filming she was serving the guests, working with Chef Ben (who's the only returning member of the Below Deck cast), and observing all of the inter-staff dramatics. "Being on board with people for two months on end, 24 hours a day with them, I think at some point, someone is going to have an issue with someone," she says. "I think that it’s kind of hard not to." The days are long and at the end of the night, this cast doesn't get to leave their work behind. "I get up at 7 and serve breakfast, and I go to bed at maybe 1 or 2 o’clock in the morning. So, you know, there are arguments and issues and things that arise," she says. And if you're curious what's going to fuel those flames, here are Julia's emoji hints about Below Deck Mediterranean Season 1.


This one's a no-brainer: there's always drinking during Below Deck. The guests drink usually fancy, difficult to prepare cocktails, and occasionally there's drama about whether the correct liquor is on board. And when the cast is off for the weekend, they tend to escape the boat and drown their sorrows in plenty of beers.


Julia adds that there's plenty of dancing in this season — looks like this cast likes to cut a rug when they're not working. And maybe there will even be some unfortunate attempts at sexy and/or flirtateous dancing, based on this emoji.


I'm pretty sure that two separate lip emojis and a couple kissing point to some romantic encounters ahead.

A Sinking Ship

Be it literal sinking ship caused by stormy weather or just a metaphorical disaster from cabin fever, Julia agreed that some stage of boating distress would be an appropriate spoiler for this season. Technically, I don't have a sinking boat emoji, but I think this little rowboat adequately represents a lifeboat and the potential hardships ahead.


This is the final emoji that Julia suggested as a spoiler for Below Deck Mediterranean. And it suggests that after all the drinking, late nights out dancing, makeout sessions, and possible shipwrecks, there will be a lot of emotional outbursts, and maybe even a few breakdowns. Sounds like a great season of reality TV to me.

Image: Tommy Garcia/Bravo