President Obama's Marathoning 'Game Of Thrones' & 'True Detective' Just Like You

Being the President of the United States seems like it would kind of suck. Actually, it seems like it would epically suck and be, well, a wee bit stressful at time. And so it's days like today — Presidents' Day, natch — that I'm sure presidents throughout history have looked forward to. Of course, not all the presidents of America's past have lived in an era of such damn good TV. And so it is that President Obama is likely marathoning True Detective and Game Of Thrones this fine wintry Presidents' Day. And yes, that'd be season four of Game Of Thrones, which no one else has seen yet.

Picture it: It's the White House state dinner. A bunch of politicians and Hollywood big wigs are there, because America is weird. Richard Plepler, Chief Executive Officer of HBO, is among those big wigs. President Obama approaches him and, during conversation, asks him for advance copies of episodes of True Detective and Game Of Thrones to "watch over the holiday weekend." Because he can ask these things and then get them, because he is the President.

This is coming via the New York Times, by the way, so...chances are this actually occurred?

So, be jealous of Obama, people. Because he (or at least Sasha and Malia, who I'm sure took advantage) got to go back to Westeros way before you did.

Image: Tumblr