23 Huge Spoilers From 'Civil War'

It's finally May, and for superhero movie lovers, that means only one thing: that Captain America: Civil War is here. The long-awaited film, which pits Captain America and Iron Man against each other in an epic, hero-filled battle, is predicted to be the biggest movie of 2016, and judging by fans' excitement, that title definitely seems possible. Some fans (you know who you are) are so passionate about the film that they're already searching for hints at what's to come — and while I may not understand you people (can't you just wait until you see the movie?), I'm here to provide all the Captain America: Civil War spoilers you could ask for.

That means, if you're not clear, that this article is going to spoil everything about Civil War, so if you're unsure if you want to know exactly how the movie ends and who may or may not die, get out of here, right now. Got it? OK, good — now, let's get into it, from the movie's little surprises to the major, "holy crap did that just happen?!" twists. Without further ado, here are the 23 biggest spoilers from Captain America: Civil War . Beware!

1. Scarlet Witch Causes Civil War

It's not on purpose, but while in Lagos with some of the other Avengers on a mission, Scarlet Witch accidentally makes a building explode, causing numerous civilian injuries and fatalities. She's devastated by the damage she's responsible for, and so is the rest of the world — enough so that the government begins to question whether the Avengers require laws and oversight. This is the impetus for the Sokovia Accords (more on that latter), and each Avenger starts to wonder if the group actually does require some guidelines to stop them from abusing their power.

2. Iron Man Has His Own Impetus

Meanwhile, in America, Iron Man gives a TED Talk-like presentation at M.I.T. about technology, and after it ends, he's confronted by the mother of a boy the Avengers accidentally killed in Sokovia. She questions if the Avengers are doing more harm than good, and Iron Man takes her words to heart.

3. The Avengers Meet To Discuss Their Options

When they're all back together, the Avengers meet with a government official to discuss what can be done to avoid them accidentally causing more harm. They're presented with the Sokovia Accords, a document that says that the Avengers' powers will only be put in use when the government allows it, and quickly, it becomes clear who's on each side. Captain America is against the Accords, thinking it'll leave the Avengers without any control, while a guilt-ridden Iron Man thinks it might not be such a bad idea.

4. Zemo Becomes The Big Bad

In Civil War, Helmut Zemo, a legendary villain from the comics, is set on breaking up the Avengers because they killed his family in Sokovia. In order to do so, he captures and kills a psychiatrist who worked with Bucky in 1991, set on finding a way to re-activate Bucky as The Winter Soldier. More on that to come...

5. Peggy Carter Dies

Sadly if not surprisingly, Peggy Carter dies, and Cap goes to her funeral. He also has some fun flirting with Sharon Carter, Peggy's niece.

6. Team Iron Man Goes To Sign The Accords — But There's A Hitch

When Iron Man, Black Widow, and the others go to sign the Accords, a bomb goes off in the building, causing several casualties, including Wakanda's King N'Baza. The king's son, T'Challa, is devastated, but set on getting revenge — so he goes on a hunt to find Bucky (who, due to some grainy footage, gets blamed for the bomb).

7. Bucky Gets Arrested, Black Panther Shows Up, & The Avengers Start Fighting

Although Cap tries to protect Bucky, who he believes isn't actually responsible for the bomb, Bucky is not having it, and evades rescue. The police get involved, and soon, so do the other Avengers members on Team Cap, as well as Black Panther (aka T'Challa), whose presence surprises everyone. Eventually, they're stopped, and Bucky gets put into a psychiatric hold, while Cap and his allies are brought in for questioning.

8. Zemo Reveals Himself As The Doctor & Re-Activates Bucky

Bucky doesn't stay captive for long. After pretending to be the doctor in charge of assessing Bucky's mental state, Zemo reveals his true self, and begins the mission of re-activating Bucky to get him to be the Winter Soldier once more. To do so, he recites several words from a red Hydra book ("homecoming, one, longing...") that turns poor Bucky back into a dangerous weapon.

9. Cap & Falcon Un-Activate Bucky

After a battle with Zemo in which the fake doctor escapes and Cap captures Bucky, the hero and Falcon try to un-activate him, and succeed when Bucky says that he knows Cap's mom's name (Batman v Superman reference much?). Bucky reveals to them that back in '91, he and other people were trained to be Winter Soldiers, given serums to basically turn them into super-villains. The discovery makes Cap realize that it's not Bucky who's throwing bombs and killing people, but Zemo, and that Iron Man and co. — who are now on the hunt for Bucky, thinking that he's dangerous — are searching for the wrong villain.

10. Iron Man Enlists Spider-Man

Gearing up for what he knows will be a big confrontation with Team Cap, Iron Man enlists the help of an unexpected hero — Spider-Man, currently an awkward teenager living with his aunt in Queens. Needless to say, Spidey is thrilled for the chance to work alongside his hero. Meanwhile, Team Cap gets Ant-Man on-board their side.

11. Hawkeye Breaks Scarlet Witch Out Of The Mansion

Although Iron Man instructs Vision to keep Scarlet Witch safe in the mansion after the disaster in Lagos, she gets fed up of being hidden away, and so when Hawkeye comes to break her out, she's more than ready to leave. Sadly, they have to injure Vision (well, as much as he can be injured) in order to get away.

12. Steve & Sharon Kiss

As Cap gets ready for the fight, he and Sharon Carter share a quick kiss. It's very sweet.

13. The Two Teams Fight

The battle between Team Iron Man and Team Captain America begins, and it quickly gets bad. The heroes go hard against one another, and even Black Panther — set on killing Bucky, who he still believes killed his dad — joins in. During the fight, Ant-Man gets big, Spidey gives it his all (before being sent home by Iron Man), and, most tragically of all...

14. Rhodes Gets Paralyzed

A blast from Vision misses, and Rhodes gets gravely injured. Later, it's revealed that although he survives, he's paralyzed, and a heartbroken Tony stops fighting.

15. Team Cap Gets Arrested

Everyone except for Cap and Bucky, that is, because those two manage to escape the fight with Black Widow's help. The others — considered fugitives by the government — are locked away, and everyone is pretty miserable about it.

16. Cap & Bucky Go To The Winter Soldier Facility

On the hunt for Zemo, Cap and Bucky travel to the facility where Bucky and other soldiers were brainwashed into being villains. Yet once there, they run into Iron Man, who's also realized that Zemo is the guy he's after — and then Zemo himself.

17. Tony Learns That Bucky Killed His Parents

In the movie's big twist, it's revealed, through footage Zemo makes Cap, Iron Man, and Bucky watch, that Bucky, as the Winter Soldier, killed the Starks in 1991. Tony, understandably, is furious, and the heroes begin to fight — Bucky even loses his metal arm.

18. Cap Defeates Iron Man, But Leaves His Shield

Although Cap manages to defeat Iron Man by putting his shield in Iron Man's chest, no one is celebrating; Cap leaves his shield behind and basically tells Iron Man that he's done with the Avengers.

19. Black Panther Captures Zemo

Meanwhile, outside, Black Panther confronts Zemo (who he now knows was responsible for the bomb), and gets the upper hand. He stops Zemo from committing suicide, and takes him in to be arrested.

20. Rhodes Walks Again

After the big fight, Iron Man is seen helping Rhodes start walking again, using high-tech equipment. It looks like a long, but promising, road to recovery.

21. Stan Lee Delivers Cap's Letter To Iron Man

Later, back in his mansion, Iron Man gets a a letter delivered — by a mailman who just so happens to be Stan Lee. The letter is from Cap, and it says that Tony can have the Avengers, because Cap is staying on the run. It also says that Cap will work with whichever Avengers still want to be on his side.

22. Cap Lets The Others Out Of Jail

Finally, Captain America lets his Avenger allies out of jail, and they leave together, their next mission unknown.

23. The Post-Credits Scene Sets Up Black Panther

In the post-credits scene, Cap, Black Panther, and Bucky are in Wakanda, where Bucky is going to be put back under and kept safe. It's a clear lead-up to 2018's Black Panther.

Got all that? Now, get yourself to a theater ASAP and see Civil War for yourself.

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