13 Questions 'GoT' Fan Has For Jon Snow

Alright, alright, Game of Thrones fans. We get it already. You all knew Jon Snow wasn't really dead. And I mean, no offense, but duh. The other deaths that have gone down in the show, while sad, make a whole bunch of sense to pushing the plot forward (vengeance is key). Meanwhile, Jon's death would just lead to a very sad dead-end for the Night's Watch storyline and our girl, Melisandre. As it stands now, his new life is going to shake up a lot of events and bring a lot of change to Westeros. But what exactly are these changes? There are a lot of questions Game of Thrones fans have now that Jon Snow lives.

Whatever ends up happening, hallelujah, praise to the Lord of Light, or whoever made it happen. I had my doubts about all these gods (the drowned god, the five, the faceless god, it's a lot to keep up with), but somebody up there or down there or wherever was definitely listening. Oddly enough, all it took was a haircut and a nice sponge bath while rocking a loincloth (which was a weirdly erotic event — I can't be the only one who thinks this). Anyway, my weird attraction to dead Jon Snow aside, Jon Snow is alive now and we all have some concerns about this.

1. Will We See Jon Snow Vs. Ramsay?

The battle of the century, basically. Good Bastard vs. Evil Bastard. Ramsay's really effing shiz up in the North, and though Jon Snow swore a vow to be the Lord Commander and take not titles and lands and all that junk, that was the Jon Snow who hadn't been murdered yet. So maybe Jon's going to take up the Stark mantle and save the North from one of GoT's most evil characters.

2. Is Jon Going To Be A Weird Zombie?

Beric Dondarrion told Arya that every time he gets reincarnated he loses a little piece of himself and some of his memories. Meanwhile, in poplar culture, whenever someone is resurrected it always seems to end badly, I mean have you seen the movie Pet Sematary?


We met Lyanna Stark in a Bran-as-warg flashback which made the R+L=J theory even more likely. (R+L=J is the theory that Jon Snow is the bastard not of Ned Stark, but of his sister and Rhaegar Targaryen and that their love was consummated in the Tower of Joy.) Game of Thrones doesn't show us flashbacks for no reason. I think we may soon find out about Jon's true parentage.

4. Is Jon Snow Azor Ahai?

Melisandre kept on talking nonstop about how Stannis was Azor Ahai, a fabled Westerosi hero who is allegedly destined to be reborn and rescue the Seven Kingdoms from the dark and terror-filled night. Well, Jon Snow just so happened to be reborn in a way, and he's already super heroic so...

5. Is Melisandre Back On Evil Track?

Since Melly was successful in her reincarnation of Jon Snow we can assume she'll go back to being all cocky. Let's just hope this cockiness doesn't include burning princesses this time. I hope new Jon can hold the semi-evil lady back.

6. Are The Starks Going To Reunite?

This may be just a fool's dream, but what if Sansa makes it up to The Wall? And then Bran heads down to so he can help Jon in the upcoming and imminent war? Please let it be so.

7. Are The Targaryens Going To Unite?

OK, this theory is just holding onto the idea that Jon and Tyrion are going to find out they are Targaryens (see A+J=T). But what if they do and we get an episode with three Targaryens hanging out together with their dragon pals? That's almost better than the Starks being reunited.

8. Is Jon Going To Become A Warg?

Jon and Ghost are totally connected, as shown by the fact that the giant dog was instantly aware that his master was alive, among other clues. Maybe with his new-found life, Jon Snow will tap into this power and roam the streets as a direwolf.

9. If Winter Actually Comes, Will Jon Play A Part In It?

They've been talking about this winter thing the entire series, could it be that now it's finally going to happen? Could Jon be a big part of it? Probably, right?

10. How Is Jon Snow So Attractive?

Like seriously, even when he's dead. It's crazy.

11. Is Jon Going To Get Some Revenge?

Sure, all the traitorous folks of Night's Watch backed down after the giant played a brutal game of patty cake with one of their own, and yeah they're clinging to some old school beliefs of free folk hate that it's tough for them to get over... but all that doesn't mean that new Jon isn't going to kick their butts anyway. I hope he spares little Olly.

12. Is Tormund Going To Turn On Jon?

The large and in charge wilding who is kissed by fire seemed more than a little weirded out by the magic thing. In fact, he was the first guy to walk out of the room when Melisandre's magic didn't work right away. But was that because he was certain it wouldn't work or was that because he was not down with the dark arts? I guess we'll find out how these two relate to each other.

13. Is Jon Going To Be Salty Now?

Maybe dying isn't fun, but death is probably relaxing. Those fools up and bring Jon back into a world of white walkers, and Ramsay Bolton? I can't see him being too happy about that. Who would be?

Only time (or maybe some obsessive fan research) and surmising will tell what's going to happen to our boy in Season 6. All I have to say now is valar morghulis, unless of course you are Jon Snow. Yay! Jon Snow lives! Woohoo!

Images: Screengrab, Helen Sloan/ courtesy of HBO; Giphy (5) Twitter/@cherif119, Twitter/@Lara___Brasil