7 Creative DIY Prom Corsages

When it comes to prom night, finding "the" dress is half the battle. And once you do, it's time to start brainstorming the perfect DIY prom corsage to whip up. Time to plug in that hot glue gun, people.

You're probably wondering why someone would bother making one when it is so easy to buy a corsage. While the latter is quick and simple, there's something so awesome about making your prom accessories. It allows you to inject your personality and style into every last bit of your outfit. I'm such a sucker for personalizing pieces that are part of an important event.

It also helps that making a DIY corsage is more feasible than sewing your own prom dress. While I totally respect anyone that does, it can be downright intimidating. With a handmade accessory like a corsage, you can still exercise your crafty thumb in a smaller, simpler way.

Plus, let's face it — fancy custom flower corsages can get ridiculously expensive. There’s also a good chance you’ve already dropped a ton of cash on a dress (or prom suit), tickets, limo rentals, and weekend festivities. By making your own corsage, you'll do your wallet a favor.

Have fun!

1. Paper Flower Corsage

For a corsage that will last a lifetime, try your hand at these paper flower corsages by Minted Strawberry. The tutorial, which uses flower patterns by Lia Griffith and Silhouette, is super easy to customize. Simply take a stroll down the paper aisle at your local craft store for an endless selection of printed and solid options.

2. Traditional Flower Corsage

Want a traditional corsage using real flowers? Turn to eHow to learn how to make your own. Not only can you showcase your absolute favorite flowers, but you'll save a pretty penny, too.

3. Succulent Cuff

For the prom attendee who loves to stand out from the crowd, make a DIY succulent corsage. This unique Pinterest-worthy tutorial was created by Green Wedding Shoes and can be found at Afloral.

4. Silk Flower Corsage

Faux silk flowers are another option for making a long-lasting prom corsage. This particular project by Green Wedding Shoes is beginner-friendly and only requires a few materials. The shiny surface of the flowers and ribbon will add that glamorous touch to your prom ensemble.

5. Floral Bracelet Wrist Corsage

Thanks to Bridal Musings, you can also make a corsage using a wire bracelet as the base. This is especially useful if you prefer thinner bands around your wrist.

6. Beaded Rosette Bracelet

Take it up a notch and use a string of beads as the base of your corsage, inspired by Little Birdie Secrets. While the post features several different ways to use fabric flowers, guidelines on how to adhere them to bracelets are included. You can even make a matching necklace using the same beads.

7. Jeweled Corsage Bracelet

If you adore vintage pieces and offbeat elements, take a tip from My Salvaged Treasures and make a DIY jewelry corsage bracelet. This clever project uses old watches and jeweled earrings for a sparkly alternative to the average corsage.

Images: Minted Strawberry; eHow; Green Wedding Shoes; Green Wedding Shoes; Bridal Musings/Simply Jessie Photography; Little Birdie Secrets; My Salvaged Treasures