Feathered Hair Accessories For Every Occasion

I've always been a fan of anything remotely showgirl inspired; there's just something so otherworldly about dramatic costumes. As well as all the glitz, glamour, and sequins, fabulous feathery fashion accessories have a place in my heart. My love affair with the show girl style can be traced back to my childhood spent in the theater. Then of course came Moulin Rouge and my costume loving heart ignited with a passionate flame as I watched the movie on repeat to try to decide which of Nicole Kidman's decadent outfits I liked the best.

It was at this time that my mother told me that my aunt had been a Moulin Rouge dancer in modern day Paris IRL. She showed me some amazing photos and I was both awestruck at the inspiring woman wearing phenomenal feathery costumes and sad that I never got to meet her. A few years later Black Swan hit the big screen and ballet inspired fashions became available to the masses, perhaps due to the involvement of Rodarte creating those unforgettable tutus.

So add a touch of ethereal chic to your ensemble with feathery hair accessories fit for a show girl or a swan queen.

1. The Feather Flapper Headwrap

Black Sequin Flapper Headwrap, $9.50,

Channel the darling Daisy Buchanan in this Great Gatsby inspired sequin and feather headwrap. You'll be dancing the night away to the Charleston in no time!

2. The Bejewelled Hair Comb

1920s Downton Abbey Feather Hair Comb, $114.99,

Pop in this stunning hair comb whenever you wish to feel like the lady of the manor, or when you have a super formal event to attend.

3. The White Swan Crown

Feather Rhinestone Crown, $69,

Now this is a treat for any Black Swan fan; a feathery crown which is reminiscent of Natalie Portman playing the White Swan. It's also available in black if you fancy embracing your dark side too.

4. The Golden Goose Headband

Gold Feather Headband, $139.84,

This luxurious gold feather headband is perfect for any upcoming parties you may have on the horizon. IMO this headband treads the line between elegant and whimsical, as it reminds me of The Brothers Grimm fairy tale The Golden Goose.

5. The Cute Clips

Elegant Feather Hair And Coursage Clips, $62.50,

These lovely clips can be used in your hair or as a corsage depending on the occasion. They're available in a choice of colors and other colors are available for an additional fee – which is perfect if you need to match your hair accessory to your outfit.

6. The White Feather Headband

Ivory Feather Headband, $88,

Look heaven sent in an angelic, white feather headband which would make a wonderful choice for the festive season. Pair it with an all white ensemble and you'll look like you fell from the clouds.

7. The Bohemian Headdress

Feather Headdress, $58+,

Choose from styles in short, medium, long, or extra long to add a feathery flourish to your tresses.

8. The Statement Piece

Dramatic Bronze Feather Headpiece, $485.33,

If you're searching for a hair accessory to rule all hair accessories, this majestic piece, featuring crystal embellished feathers, could be the one for you.

9. The Hippie Hair Crown

Asos Plaited Feather Hair Crown, $6.50,

This plaited hair crown would be a wonderful accessory to wear to a summer festival, or when you wish to channel your inner hippie at any time of the year.

10. The Folksy Feathery Headband

Feather Headband, $12,

Perhaps you want to make a subtle statement with your feathery hair accessory? If that's the case, try one of these natural colored feather headbands on for size.

11. The Elegant Barrette

Antique Gold Feather Barrette, $6.50,

This golden feather with an antique finish would look perfect as the finishing touch to an elegant up do.

12. The Paradise Colored Clip

Feather Hair Clip, $27,

This absolutely stunning feathered hair clip takes its feathers from a real parrot whom sheds them naturally. So add a unique touch to your outfit with this one of a kind feather hair clip.

13. The Feathered Fascinator

Lauren Feather Bow Fascinator Hair Clip, $10,

Look totally bow-tiful in this feminine, feathery fascinator which would make a great accessory for a formal occasion such as a sophisticated soirée, a wedding, or even a swanky bachelorette party.

Shake your tail feathers and get ready to fly fashionably high flaunting your feathery hair accessory.

Images: Courtesy Brands