Ben & Lauren Are Still Totally In Love

It seems to me that being in a relationship after The Bachelor wraps must be like a tree falling in a forest: if you’re in love but no one is watching it on television, is it actually even happening? Ben Higgins chose lovely former flight attendant Lauren Bushnell to be his lawfully wedded bride on Season 20 of The Bachelor, but that was weeks ago, and already, fans are wondering how the duo are doing — or if Ben and Lauren B. are still together and totally in Bachelor love at all.

Thankfully, the answer is: of course they are! These two were smitten with each other from the first moment they met, so it was absolutely no surprise that Ben got down on one knee to give Lauren that big, honkin’ Neil Lane diamond ring, and that they're still together now. But, as I mentioned before, it has been a while since the proposal, and now Ben and Lauren are just living their normal lives like any other couple — that is, any other couple with millions of Instagram and Snapchat followers. Because, like many Bachelor fans, I am totally in love with these two, I very closely monitor their social profiles for their latest and cutest adventures. I just can’t handle how adorable these two crazy kids are. Have a look for yourself — seeing these photos, you’ll become a hopeless romantic in no time.

Ben & Lauren Hanging With Kids

Could their own child be on the way? Ben and Lauren are spending an awful lot of time with their goddaughter, who looks to be an absolute peach. I mean, that headband! As for Ben and Lauren, they do look pretty good as mom and dad, I have to say.

Ben & Lauren Toasting To Their Engagement

Remember, they're getting married someday soon, and they're celebrating like nobody's business.

Ben Watching Lauren Shop

Reality television stars — they’re just like us. Like everyone, Lauren can’t avoid the siren call of a new pair of jeans, and Ben just has to watch her contemplate washes and rises until the store kicks them out. Now that’s real love.

Ben Hanging With Lauren’s Family

If you’re getting married, it’s natural to spend a fair amount of time with your soon-to-be spouse’s fam. As shown in this photo, Ben visited Portland and hit the links with Lauren’s best guys.

Lauren Visiting With Neil Lane

She had to get that ring sized correctly, right? Smart move, Lauren.

Ben & Lauren Doing Normal Couple Stuff

Going to a basketball game. Having dinner with friends. Sitting on the couch, watching episodes of The Bachelor. These are things all “regular” (read: did not meet on a reality show) couples do, and Ben and Lauren are turning out to be just like the rest of us.

When the cameras turn off, what happens to a reality television couple? In the case of Lauren and Ben, not much that wouldn’t happen to any other romantic duo. They’re hanging with their families, watching sports, and doing fun couple stuff. I’m just glad fans get to see their adorable antics.