7 Ways To Celebrate This Sex-Positive Holiday

May brings the first blush of spring, when flowers begin to bud and unfold, and the sun teases out the first sweat of the season. Since nature seems to be getting all hot and bothered this time of year, it makes sense that May is Masturbation Month, an unofficial sex-positive holiday that has gained popularity since its inception in 1995.

As most fans of self-pleasure would agree, it's not like there's any one time when masturbation isn't a good idea. Sure, maybe winter is better suited to staying under the covers and getting in touch with yourself, but the whole "new beginnings" that spring offers does make for a good reminder to rekindle your self-love.

Unlike partnered sex, which requires a certain level of interest in your partner(s)' enjoyment, solo sex has the exquisite benefit of being 100 percent about you. Solipsism is the key word when you're trying to up your masturbation game, so take this opportunity to treat yourself.

Ever gotten off on a washer during spin cycle? Hop on up there. Never used a hands-free vibrator? Try it, you're worth it! If you needed an excuse to work in some me-time for a good cause, this is it. Here are seven creative ways to celebrate Masturbation Month. But first, check out the latest episode of Bustle's Sex and Relationships podcast, I Want It That Way:

1. Make A Feminist Sex Shop Pilgrimage

There's a bounty of feminist sex shops out there, but if you can step into a brick and mortar one, even better. Although most of us don't have the time to subscribe to Masturbation Monthly (in my head that's what the hip, underground mag detailing all the best new gear is called), your local sex shop sales associate should know the deets on the latest toys. Test their knowledge, and ask about something you've never thought to try.

2. Make A Masturbation Mix

If you're the type who'd spend hours getting yourself ready for a sex date, why not do the same for a solo sex date? Crafting a perfect combination of put-you-in-the-mood tunes will provide a welcome dose of aural pleasure as you lock the door, light some candles, and get into the zone.

3. Talk To Your Friends About Masturbation

If you don't already, why not take this unofficial holiday as an excuse to talk to your friends about masturbation? Not only does it normalize one aspect of female sexuality that still faces stigma, but you might learn a tip or trick or two in the process.

4. Try A Method You've Never Tried Before

If you've been masturbating for over a decade, it might be time to makeover your style. After checking out the latest sex tech that can make your solo sex experience feel like Star Trek, take it for a spin, even if it's not your usual method. Or, if you're already well-versed in gadgetry, see what happens if you try hands-only, a new position, or a location shift for your May moments of self-satisfaction.

5. Masturbate With A Partner

It's still all about you even if there's someone else involved. Partnered masturbation play can be insanely enjoyable, especially if you include a hands-to-yourself rule.

6. Watch Your Favorite Masturbation Movie Scenes

From 9 1/2 Weeks to The To-Do List, there are plenty of iconic mainstream masturbation movie moments (try saying that 3x fast). Watch a few to put you in the mood, but if you want more diversity and more explicit action, your best bet is probably Pornhub.

7. Masturbate For Charity

There have been many a Masturbate-a-Thon over the years that help raise money for sexual health and women's health initiatives. Why not create your own with friends? Or, you could always just donate a little something extra to your favorite sex-positive organization waving the flag for sexual freedom, because without them, Masturbation Month couldn't exist.

Images: Andrew Zaeh/Bustle; Giphy (7)