The Best Sex Tech Innovations From 2015

The scientific advancements in sex tech in 2015 thrust us further and further into the future, and into a world where sex with robots is routine, and where getting it on with Tupac's hologram is a reality. While 2014 may have given us vibrator panties controlled remotely via USB, an automated blow job machine, and organic, fair trade condoms, 2015 gave us plenty of novel ways to experience pleasure, too. The methods through which we can now masturbate and interact with our partners has expanded beyond belief — and 2016 is sure to bring us even more orgasmic intensity.

Although this year saw the House and Senate voting to defund Planned Parenthood while slut-shaming, street harassment and sexual assault continued ad nauseam, it only made the sex-positive pioneers out there work even harder to fight the stigma against female sexuality and pleasure. Whatever happens in the world at large, we've all got a duty to keep on getting off, because as women, it's still a radical act to take control of our bodies and our bliss. And with so many scientific innovations out there to lend a helping hand, how can we resist?

Here's a peek at a few of the wonderful inventions the sex tech world bestowed upon us in 2015:

1. HUM

Hum Vibrator, $179, Hum

Billed as the world's first "robotic, artificially intelligent vibrator," HUM was designed with pressure sensors that can feel your movements and respond in kind to meet your needs without explicit directions. This waterproof, medical grade silicone toy also charges wirelessly and will order take out for you after you come. (OK, JK on that last part, tho.)

2. BlewIt

BlewIt, $59, BlewIt

BlewIt is a "performance training product" designed to help guys increase their bedroom stamina. This ergonomically shaped tube is equipped with an internal layer that replicates the sensation (and suction) of a vagina so users can increase intensity while masturbating and practice maintaining their erections.

3. Realbotix

David McNew/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The creator of the RealDoll teamed up with Hanson Robotics to create the first sex doll that can talk dirty (and blink, too). The head of this Realbotix A.I. fantasy babe will be able to attach to a RealDoll body, and will cost around $10,000.

4. OhMiBod Oh-Dometer

OhMiBod has been on the cutting edge of discreet, bluetooth-enabled sex toys for years now, and they've finally added a way to record your "success" with their products via the "Oh-dometer." This new functionality allows you to track orgasms, set orgasm goals, and see your orgasm trends over time.

5. Interactive Holographic Avatar Sex

This fully immersive kind of hologram sex lets you enjoy a sensual moment or two with your favorite porn star. The groundbreaking technology will eventually evolve and sync up with the "teletouch revolution" and haptic innovations so you can not only see your virtual partner as if they were in the flesh, but feel and hear them, too.

6. Crescendo

Crescendo, $179, Mysteryvibe

MysteryVibe's Crescendo is the world's first fully customizable sex toy that is never the same vibrator twice. The versatile pleasure tool can be twisted and transformed to take any shape you desire with six motors that can hum in a variety of pleasurable patterns to suit your mood.

7. kGoal Boost

kGoal Boost, $99, Minna Life

Kegels aren't just for women anymore. With kGoal boost, men can strengthen their pelvic floor muscles, too using an air-filled sensor pad that provides biofeedback directly to their smartphones. This innovation is just one more way sex tech is closing the gender gap, inspiring all folks to improve their bedroom game.

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Images: Andrew Zaeh/Bustle; Meet Hum/YouTube; @bestkeptsecretbayside/Instagram; OhMiBod; HoloFilmProductions/YouTube; MysteryVibe/YouTube; Minna Life/Kickstarter