15 Celebrities Who Love Their Sex Toys: Barbara Walters, Jennifer Lawrence & More

Even though far too many women are afraid to admit it, most of us use sex toys. Actually, over half of us American women, to be exact. This week, Barbara Walters' admission on The View that she owns and uses a vibrator called "Selfie" made a lot of headlines. Maybe people were just rightfully having a chuckle over that name, but many were also probably surprised that a woman who is well into her 80s still enjoys sex and wants to have orgasms. You go, WaWa.

Barbara Walters isn't the only celebrity to "come out" as a sexy toy user. These 13 celebrities have also done their part to destigmatize vibrators.

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by Amy McCarthy

Eva Longoria

In a 2005 interview with Self magazine, former Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria extolled the virtues of masturbating with a Rabbit vibrator. “I didn’t begin enjoying sex until I started masturbating. Before that, I really wasn’t sexual. I bought my first vibrator three years ago. It’s a shame I didn’t discover it sooner. Now I give Rabbit vibrators to all my girlfriends. They scream when they unwrap it. The best gift I can give them is an orgasm.” We agree, Eva. We agree.

Rabbit Vibrator, $25, Amazon

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Beyoncé & Jay-Z

As if Queen Bey could get any more flawless, she and husband Jay-Z also share an affinity for expensive sex toys. Late last year, the couple was reportedly seen spending over $6,000 at Manhattan’s Babeland sex shop. After that Partition video, we’re not too surprised that these two like to keep things fresh in the sack. No word on exactly what they bought, but a source told Radar “they didn’t buy anything tacky or too extreme … It was all top-of-the-line stuff. Some of it was even gold-plated!”

We’d expect nothing less.

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Taylor Momsen

At 16 years old, Gossip Girl star and would-be rock star Taylor Momsen caused quite the stink when she told a magazine that her best friend was her vibrator. A lot of conservative-types clutched their pearls at Momsen’s admission, but it was pretty much when we started respecting her.

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Alicia Silverstone

Actress-turned-activist Alicia Silverstone even extends her eco-friendly philosophy to the bedroom. In 2012, Silverstone endorsed The Leaf, an environmentally-friendly vibrator made from environmentally-friendly and non-toxic plastics. She also blasted vibrators that are a little too…phallic. On OpenSky.com, Silverstone wrote “I like that they look natural and feminine..like leaves and flowers…not scary.” Whatever floats your eco-friendly, non-hazardous boat.

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Jenny McCarthy

It’s no shocker that former Playmate and current co-host of The View Jenny McCarthy would be down for a little self-lovin’. McCarthy, though, takes it to the next level: she says she never leaves home without her vibrator. Hey, can you blame her? You never know when traffic is going to be awful.

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Kate Moss

Model Kate Moss likes chic vibrators a lot, apparently. In 2007, she purchased a 24K “Little Gold” vibrator made by Jimmyjane for a totally-reasonable $500. The company guarantees that this pricey toy will last a lifetime. Sure, she could go out and find a date, but we’re guessing even Kate’s suitors don’t have gold-plated penises.

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Maggie Gyllenhaal

After working on Hysteria, a film about the invention of the vibrator, Gyllenhaal fell so in love with the buzzy devices that she went so far as to share them with her friends. The actress says she has an “incredible [vibrator] collection, and I actually use like one or two of them. I lend them to my friends, and they’ll take them for six months at a time.” As long as you clean them?

Toy Cleaner, $8, Amazon

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Jennifer Lawrence

In a 2013 interview with Conan O’Brien, goofball actress Jennifer Lawrence may have over-shared when she told viewers that a hotel housekeeper found a box with “copious amounts of butt plugs” and other sex toys under her bed. Lawrence claims that the toys were given to her as a joke, but we’ll bet she decided to try out a few before tossing them in the trash.

Double Delight Wand Massager, $80, Amazon

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Carrie Fisher

In her 2008 memoir Wishful Drinking, Fisher admits that her first vibrator was given to her by her mother, actress Debbie Reynolds.

“[One] Christmas my mother bought both my grandmother and myself vibrators! As unusual as a gift like this sounds, you have to admit that they are ideal stocking stuffers. I mean, you can fit the vibrator into the long top part of the stocking and still be able to get another cute little gift in the toe!” Mom, geez.

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Halle Berry

Halle Berry may be one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, but even she gets dumped. After she split with husband Eric Benet in 2004, Berry made regular visits to LA sex shop The Pleasure Chest.

Berry says women need to understand the importance of a healthy sex life — even when you don’t have a partner. “You can’t forget your sexuality — that’s not good. You can still embrace your body by going to the gym or going to the Pleasure Chest.” Word.

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Kristen Stewart

She may be known for her classic scowl, but Kristen Stewart is probably a lot of fun. The Twilight actress told Jay Leno about visiting a “weird” sex toy shop in Japan, and purchasing a clear plastic mask and other sexy items. Stewart wouldn’t divulge what else she bought, but we’re guessing it was some kinky stuff.

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Victoria & David Beckham

The UK’s sexiest couple likes to keep things steamy, even when they’re with child. In 2004, while Posh was pregnant, Becks reportedly went out and purchased a $1.8 million vibrator from a London strip club owner. The vibrator was crafted from platinum, with a 10-carat diamond base that attached to a 16-carat diamond necklace. Only 10 of these fancy-schmancy vibrators were ever made.

Mick Jagger reportedly picked up one of the other ones for his girlfriend.

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When Rihanna sang “I may be bad, but I’m perfectly good at it,” she wasn’t lying. On a trip to Paris a few years ago, RiRi reportedly dropped over $1,500 on assorted sex toys. Sources told the New York Post that within five minutes, Rihanna had picked out massage candles, sexy lingerie, and — gasp — a pair of handcuffs. The singer was photographed later in the day holding another one of her purchases, a book full of graphic, sexy images.

Handcuffs, $28, Amazon

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