Amy Schumer Just Upped the Ante on "Crass"

If you thought the first season of Inside Amy Schumer was raunchy, well get ready to fan yourself and gasp "Oh, my word!" because from the trailer for Inside Amy Schumer Season 2, which just dropped, makes it look like the next installment of Schumer's series (titled Back Inside Amy Schumer) is gonna be even nastier. Thank goodness!

The trailer starts with a parody of an ad for Viagra with Schumer's voiceover ("If you have an erection that lasts longer than 4 hours, call ME") and has a lot of incredible cameos from the likes of Parker Posey, Janeane Garofalo, Zach Braff, and the inimitable Paul Giamatti as a gay therapist who Schumer tries to fellate (it doesn't work!, he's gay). She does make out with a lot of people in the trailer, though, and we're glad that Schumer is as nasty and shameless as ever, because aren't we all a little nasty and shameless? She's not afraid to put on blast the tropes of women on TV, especially in her ad parodies, including a new one from the trailer that has her as a mom with a mom bob in a very conservative cardigan serving up some frozen chicken tenders called "Finger Blasters."

Back Inside looks like it ups the ante on the raunch, and why shouldn't it? There should be a show on television with a female voice that explores all the delicate and indelicate nuances of sex. She's got different hats, though, and Schumer is shameless in talking about everything from therapy to dessert to blowjobs to race.

The visibility of honest female comedians on TV is still dismal; though it is getting better slightly with Amy Poehler producing the fantastic new show Broad City on Comedy Central, Sasheer Zamata on SNL and Chelsea Peretti on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. We still need more candid comedians like Schumer, though, who dismantle ideas about female comedians avoiding crass subjects. She's shameless and avoids nothing.

It's gonna be difficult for her to top her first season (one episode of which had her auditioning for the "viral marketing video" "2 Girls 1 Cup") but it looks like Back Inside Amy Schumer, which premieres on April 1 might just top it, and Schumer's got a little help from her friends. Watch the cameo-filled trailer here: