Heidi Cruz Got Elbowed In The Face By Ted

While the country watched Ted Cruz suffer a painful loss in Indiana's Republican primary on Tuesday, it might have been a slightly more painful night for his wife, Heidi. While on stage to support her husband as he announced his campaign's suspension, Heidi Cruz was elbowed in the face — by none other than her husband, of course. Needless to say, the Internet went wild, while she hopefully found an ice pack.

The Cruz family was in Indianapolis on Tuesday night, following the Hoosier State's GOP primary. The primary was called early in the evening for Republican frontrunner Donald Trump, even though Cruz had focused much of his attention on Indiana as of late. He had reportedly made an agreement with third-place candidate John Kasich to divide and conquer the remaining states, in order to block Trump from the nomination. In the arrangement, Cruz got Indiana. On Tuesday, though, he struggled at the polls and suffered a double-digit loss to Trump, in terms of percent support.

Following the loss, the senator from Texas took the stage to announce that he was suspending his campaign. He told the crowd that his path to victory "had been foreclosed" as of Tuesday's results. His wife and children joined him on stage, along with his mother, Carly Fiorina, and others. When Cruz accidentally elbowed his wife in the face, the pain on stage seemed to reach a peak.

To be fair, the elbow altercation wasn't the only awkward thing about Cruz's departure from the GOP race for the White House. It came just about a week after Cruz announced that Fiorina would join him as his vice presidential candidate, making Cruz-Fiorina perhaps the shortest-lived campaign logo ever. It also came just a day after Fiorina fell off the stage after introducing Cruz at a rally. Finally, it occurred on the same day that Cruz told everyone how he really feels about Trump, calling him a "pathological liar," among other things.

Now that Cruz has made his announcement, I suppose it's time to appreciate the awkwardness and pray for Heidi's face.