23 'Civil War' Fans Reveal What Side They're On

Although most superhero movies tend to unite the world by bringing seemingly every person imaginable to the theater, Marvel's latest film is taking a decidedly different route. Captain America: Civil War, released May 6, is dividing its audience into two distinct factions: those that are on Team Iron Man, and those that are on Team Cap. Just like in the movie, in which the Avengers split into opposing sides and battle each other over their different views, fans of Civil War are turning against each other based on what side they support — all in the name of good old fashioned superhero-loving fun, of course.

So with Civil War hitting theaters this month and causing some major debate among Marvel fans, I decided to ask some passionate superhero lovers what side they support in the big battle. Unsurprisingly, many of the answers I got were pretty heated; when it comes to superhero movies, specifically those involving the characters Tony Stark and Steve Rogers, people tend to have a lot of opinions, and aren't afraid to share them. Most fans, it seems, are on the side of Team Cap, so Team Iron Man supporters, prepare for a big fight. Here's where 23 Marvel fans stack up:

Team Cap

Kadeen, 26

I’m Team Captain America, because it’s his damn movie, and Tony needs to exit stage left of it. If Tony wants to take his beliefs and force them onto the world, he can do that in his own movie.

Martha, 24

I am on Team Captain America, because even though I love Spiderman more than life, Iron Man has proven to make selfish decisions while Captain America follows a moral code I'd want from my city's superheroes. He and his team truly embody what it is to serve the public with their powers.

Emma, 24

I'm with #TeamCap because I want to live the next time Tony Stark does something stupid that threatens to decimate humanity. Seriously, has there ever been a bigger hothead? I don't trust him as far as I can throw him. I'm also with #TeamCap because he runs his squad like a true Huffledor (aka Gryffindor/Hufflepuff). (Also, that ass.)

Leah, 27

While the prospect of vigilantes operating outside of the law might make me nervous in the real world, this is fiction and I trust anyone who Steve Rogers trusts. I also think that, after decades of enhancements and brainwashing, Bucky should be considered more of a weapon than a person when it comes to his war crimes — it's not his fault! Also... Falcon.

Sam, 24

I'm Team Cap because I think Captain America has proven that he always puts himself last and helps others first, and you definitely cannot say that of Iron Man. Tony may have good intentions, but he's very susceptible to rash decisions, and I think his opinions are largely formed from his own guilt. Cap opposes the Sokovia Accords because he believes that they will hurt more people than they will help, and Iron Man supports them because it makes him feel better about his reckless past. I stand with Cap.

Rachel, 22

Team Cap, because although Team Iron Man definitely has a point, they’re freakin’ superheroes and should be able to use their powers! Having the government take control will cause more harm than good.

Rory, 23

Definitely team Cap! Although my feelings about this movie sharply disagree with my actual political opinions (UN and multilateral power structure arguments, anyone?). There isn't a governing body in the Marvel universe that has the specialized knowledge or understanding to provide proper oversight. I mean, the views of Team Iron Man create victims like Bucky, who by their arguments should be held accountable for their damage but are not the perpetrators. (Why don't they just sue Loki for the Battle of New York?!)

Andrew, 24

I'm Team Cap. The MCU government has already proven to be corrupt and saturated by Hydra agents. The Avengers have saved more lives than would have been lost. The only incident that anyone should pay for is the creation of Ultron. Tony Stark is the only one who should face any sort of punitive actions.

Zack, 26

Team Cap because siding with the smug industrialist has never in history been a good look in hindsight.

Andrea, 22

Captain America, just because I’ve always thought Iron Man needed to get knocked down a few pegs.

Meg, 28

The whole issue at the heart of Civil War is if the supers should have to report to some other authority. And if everyone recalls from Winter Solder, when Captain America, Black Widow, and Winter Soldier reported to what turned out to be a corrupt organization, that didn't go over so well. What makes a super a super is only part of the fancy weaponry and powers. They're super because they know what's bad and what isn't and are going to do everything to stop the bad. Remember in the first Avengers, when the higher powers of S.H.I.E.L.D. wanted to nuke Manhattan? Those are the kind of calls the Sokovia Accords would be making, instead of just letting the actual superheroes do their thing. Team Cap All. Day.

Sage, 33

I’m 100% #TeamCap, because I bleed for Stucky and support Steve Rogers in his quest to bring his first love back to the light.

Maggie, 35

Team Cap, because after Tony's actions in Age of Ultron, I can't see being on his side again. And Cap's intentions are always pure. He's never been motivated by self interest.

Olivia, 25

I'm Team Cap because Captain America has already seen the dark side of government control. In Captain America: Civil War, Nick Fury was ready to essentially terrorize the entire planet into a state of government-controlled World Peace and SHIELD was completely taken over by HYDRA. It doesn't make sense for him, or anyone in the Avengers, to trust the government again because the government could very easily be the ones committing the evils of the world. Cap and other heroes have already proven themselves to be smart, honorable and willing to work with government forces (Cap more than others, cough *Iron Man* cough). Why not let them do their thing first, police them second?

Jack, 23

While I understand where Tony Stark is coming from, Captain America has seen firsthand what can happen when power becomes compromised. If The Avengers become an extension of the United Nations, what happens if the UN goes the way of SHIELD? Who better to understand the concept of checks & balances than Captain America himself?

Johnny, 30

I am firmly Team Cap. Governments can be corrupt and have their own agendas, as Cap saw firsthand in The Winter Soldier, but the Avengers’ intentions as heroes are as pure as the driven snow. Just imagine if (God forbid) President Donald Trump had the authority to command the Avengers to do his bidding. No thanks.

Kelsea, 28

Team Cap, because if you’re Team Iron Man you’ve got serious issues.

Team Iron Man

Anna, 22

Iron Man, because he’s a playboy billionaire philanthropist.

Josh, 23

Iron Man, ‘cause you don’t wanna mess with Black Panther or Spidey. Cap's outgunned.

Christine, 25

Because I would like to have the Iron Man suit.

Noelle, 23

Iron Man because he’s real. He’s human. He makes mistakes and lets his emotions get the best of him, but he almost always redeems himself. Also Cap’s holier-than-thou attitude needs to be knocked down a peg because everything special about him really did come from a bottle… that a Stark made. Just saying.

Katie, 30

I’m hesitant to say that I’m on Team Tony. Mostly because you can’t help but love Cap and Bucky, but if we lived in a world with superhuman people, then they should have to answer to someone."

Kevin, 27

Begrudgingly Team Iron Man, but team best friends over everything. I think Sokovia proved that supers need to be accountable for their actions, but not at the cost of friendship. If Cap starts war criming his way around Wakanda, we need a mechanism to keep him under control.

Team Cap, it seems you're the winner here — but Team Iron Man, don't give up just yet. When everyone sees Civil War, they're bound to have their opinions challenged and changed with every jaw-dropping scene.

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