This Teen Took A Bernie Sanders Cutout To Prom

On Tuesday, Senator Bernie Sanders’s presidential campaign got a boost with an unexpected victory in Indiana. It turns out that Indiana voters aren’t the only ones “feeling the Bern” lately; last Saturday, a politically-inclined teen took a Bernie Sanders cutout to prom. Regardless of your political leanings, I think we can all agree that taking a life-sized cardboard cutout of your favorite politician to prom is brilliant — after all, your date would be inexpensive, easy to talk to, and already dressed in a suit. Are there any higher #promgoals than that?

“I hadn't gotten asked yet and prom was approaching quickly, so I was thinking about who would make a good prom date,” awesome high school senior Chloe Raynaud told Revelist. “I really identify with Bernie's political standpoint so I just went for it!” She ordered her cardboard date online (“Cheapest date ever!” she said), outfitted him with a fancy boutonnière, and took him to the dance.

Wearing a sparkly blush gown, Raynaud took lots of photos with her two-dimensional date, posing with him in a classic prom line up with friends, showing off their matching flowers, and revealing comfy sandals and socks hidden under her skirt. Cardboard Sanders was even a hit on the dance floor. “During the slow dance I brought him out to dance with him and everyone started laughing,” Raynaud said. “Then my friends made him crowd surf.”

Prom won’t be the last of Raynaud’s adventures with her 2-D senator. She’ll be taking him with her to Oregon State University in the fall. In April, she tweeted, “lmao my roommate is gon think I'm WACK on move in day with all my Buddha posters & tapestries & my 3 yoga mats & Bernie Sanders cut out.”

I can’t speak for Raynaud’s roommate, of course, but if my college roommate showed up with that gear in tow, I think I’d be pretty psyched. What dorm room wouldn't be improved by a life-sized Bernie Sanders cutout?