Cara Maria & 'The Challenge' Alum React to Finale

by Rachel Semigran

Another season of MTV's reality battle royale The Challenge has come and gone. Rivalries were forged, hair was pulled, hands were broken, love was made, and victory was had. As annoyed and not surprised as we all were that Laurel and Johnny Bananas won the finale and each took home $125,000, we were at least thankful that Free Agents was one of the best seasons we've seen to date. What was most refreshing about this season was that despite the regular bullying by the boys, the physical competition between the female cast members was the focus of the season.

Once Jordan was finally knocked out (with the dumbest move in all Challenge history), all we really cared about was the intense rivalry between our girl Cara Maria and seff-appointed "bad guy" Laurel. Unlike past seasons, where flying fists and hair pulls "settled" the scores, the Free Agents cast almost always took it out on the field. This season was all about the badass women and we loved every moment of it.

It turns out, current and former cast members of The Challenge were just as excited by this season as all of us. During Thursday night's finale, members of the Challenge family were tweeting up a storm. Our girl Cara Maria, despite being eliminated right before the finale, remained positive and cheered on her friends. Meanwhile Challenge forefather Mark Long had us rolling with his hilarious tweets.

Let's see how all of our favorite Challengers felt about the Free Agents finale:

Can't wait for next season!

Images: MTV; MissCaraMaria/Instagram