'The Mindy Project' Season 5 Is Happening & Fans Should Get Excited

I wouldn't be surprised if fear over the fate of your favorite Hulu comedy has been keeping you up nights, given the way you've been burned by it in the past, but you can rest easy. I'm pleased to inform you that The Mindy Project has been renewed for Season 5, and phew. It's always a huge relief when one of your go-to shows gets greenlit for another season, but it's been a particularly fraught journey for those of us proud Mindy-heads, who've been watching from the beginning. Lest we forget (as if we could), The Mindy Project was actually cancelled after Season 3. It started over on FOX, and then the show got the axe, as if the world didn't even care that Mindy Lahiri was one of the most groundbreaking and important characters on television.

But then Hulu swooped in to save the day, giving us a fourth season, and now it seems they've saddled up their horse and dusted off their suit of shining armor yet again to bring us Season 5, before Season 4 has even finished airing. (The final episode will be released to Hulu on Jul. 6.) Mindy Kaling announced the news on May 4 via her Twitter, and we've been on cloud nine ever since. Or, at the very least, I've been on cloud nine ever since, because, as I said, Mindy Lahiri is one of the most groundbreaking and important characters on television, and I'm incredibly invested in her story.

No word yet on when the season will start filming, let alone when it will air, but it's just great to know that there's more Mindy goodness where this came from.

Image: Hulu/The Mindy Project