When Does 'The Mindy Project' Return To Hulu? This Fall Finale Will Have To Tide Us Over For The Holidays

Whoever came up with the phrase "parting is such sweet sorrow" clearly was never expected to go weeks on end without a new episode of The Mindy Project because there is nothing sweet about that particular notion. And yet, it's exactly the kind of thing we're going to be faced with after The Mindy Project fall finale airs on Hulu this week. Which means that whatever cliffhanger the series throws at us is bound to come with an extra punch of drama, considering we'll have to wait until after the holidays to see how it all gets resolved. (I believe the term is called cruel and unusual punishment.) So when exactly will The Mindy Project Season 4 return, you may ask? Odds are we won't be seeing Dr. Lahiri & Co. until after the New Year.

No exact date has been announced for the Hulu hit's return, though I'm sure the streaming site will make an announcement about it shortly after Tuesday's fall finale debuts. However, in the meantime, I'm willing to speculate that the series will keep to relatively the same schedule as most of the other network sitcoms and come streaming back into our lives in either early or mid-January 2016.

The main reason shows go on hiatus in the first during this time of the year is because a.) Viewers are busy with their families and are less likely to tune in, and b.) The actors and actresses on the shows want a holiday break too. (Celebrities: they're just like us!) But then once New Year's is over, it's relatively safe for show's to get back to the grind, so long as their network schedule permits it. And considering that The Mindy Project is one of Hulu's top shows, I'd say they won't want to wait too long to jump back into all the action.

Of course, there's always a chance I could be way off base here and we'll be forced to wait longer than I originally thought. But it seems unlikely. Even back during its days on FOX, Mindy's third season kicked off its winter premiere as early as Jan. 6. So as long as it relatively sticks to that formula, I'll (probably) be able to muddle my way through these Mindy-less holidays relatively unscathed.

But why are we sitting here dwelling on the future when there's a perfectly good Mindy Project episode just waiting to be streamed? (Or in some cases re-streamed because we've already watched it once.) And just take comfort in knowing that these lovable characters will be back before you know it.

Images: screengrab/Hulu; fictionalcharactermbti/Tumblr; Giphy