Reign & Mason Disick Already Are Snapchat Pros

Apparently the demographic for Snapchat keeps getting younger and younger. Even toddlers are fans, at least if you consider celebrity babies. On Tuesday, Khloé Kardashian taught her nephews Reign and Mason Disick how to use the app's filters and the results are absolutely adorable. I think she officially just became the family's designated "cool aunt" — as if she wasn't already. (Sorry, Kim!) In the vids, both boys try out the lion filter and it's super fierce.

The best part of these Snapchats is that fans can finally really see what Reign looks like. The 1-year-old occasionally pops up on mom Kourtney's Instagram, but not as frequently as his older siblings. Also, usually not as close up as this. If I had to guess, it probably has to do with the fact that he's so young. Yet despite his age, he already has taken painting lessons and music. Kourt's really raising some well-rounded kids. And since they have so many hobbies already, it makes sense that the Disick children need to have some fun — that's where Aunt Khloé comes into play.

Reign looks totally mesmerized when his face becomes a lion. Naturally, his big bro (who he also shares a birthday with) has to try it out too. Essentially they're always following in one another's footsteps. I must also acknowledge that Mason looks like such a mini Scott Disick.


I can't get over how cute little Reign looks as a lion. Or even before the filter sets in, he just stares into the camera adorably.


For anyone who had freaked out and thought Mason dyed his hair dark, fear not. It looks totally normal here, just a little bit shorter. When asked how much he loves KoKo, he says, "3,000." Not sure how to quantify that, but it's cute nevertheless.

More Reign

I think he's eating a fry here and if so, he has excellent taste. Meanwhile, a small voice can be heard in the background, asking to try out the filter too. Honestly, I can't decipher between Penelope or Mason's voice.

If these Snapchats are any indication, I'd like to nominate Khloé to be the designated Disick babysitter. Because when they hang out with her, the kids clearly have the best possible time.