The 'Hyperbole And A Half' Sequel Is Coming

In 2014, web cartoonist and blogger Allie Brosh turned her website into a hilarious gut-punch of a book deal. Now, the Hyperbole and a Half sequel is coming, so prepare for more sugar-fueled existential crises, adventures in pet ownership, and true stories of mental illness.

Out this fall from Simon and Schuster, Solutions and Other Problems is already the No. 1 New Release in Comic Strips on Amazon. The book was first announced in August 2015, but the original release date was pushed back a few months later. Goodreads fans attributed the delay to the death of the author's sister in 2013, although that time frame does more to explain why Brosh — who has been diagnosed with depression — stopped posting to her website than the rescheduling.

Solutions and Other Problems, Coming Soon, Amazon

Sad news aside, the Internet is super happy to hear that the Hyperbole and a Half sequel is on the horizon. It appears that Solutions and Other Problems will be available in hardcover, paperback, and digital editions at the time of its release. It is available for pre-order now from your favorite retailer.

While you wait out the long months until you finally have Solutions and Other Problems in your hands, check out some great "literary" graphic novels, get more familiar with graphic novels written by women, or pick your next task on the #BustleReads challenge.

Solutions and Other Problems will be available on October 25 from Simon and Schuster.